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February 15, 2008

New Valentine's Day Picture!


February 18, 2007:

Another picture of Artemis' wedding gown!


February 4, 2007:

Tying the knot at last!


December 8, 2006:

Two new guest pictures!  Berios drawing of me huffing and puffing, and Trigger's pic of me whistling!


December 2, 2006:

Wallaroo Blacke returns with a wonderful picture celebrating my wedding to Artemis.  Click HERE to see it!


October 17, 2006

Added Jonatan's virtual model of Highball Sally to the Guest Gallery.


September 10, 2006:

Feline Friend Defends Flora from Fiends!


April 23, 2006:

The Little Kitten who Could....


April 18, 2006:

A Very Important (and overdue) Question...


March 25, 2006:

My Fair Feline!


March 15, 2006:

Cart-Train on track 1!


February 22, 2006:

Breakbeatin' with the BunnySkunk!


February 9, 2006:

All Aboaaaarrrrrd!


January 30, 2006:

The joy of pancakes!


January 29, 2006:

What you get from boredom, loneliness, and a headache


December 22, 2005:

First a smooch, now a snuggle!


December 4, 2005:

A Smooch for my Sweet Kitten!


November 24, 2005:

Another alternate form!


November 15, 2005:

Movie Night!


September 5, 2005:

A new hero in the pharmaceutical industry?


September 2, 2005:

An engineer misses his train!


June 20, 2005:

Happy Birthday, Blimp Wolf!


June 18, 2005:

Punching through the procrastination with a pair of pix!


April 19, 2005:

Workin' on the railroad with a good friend 


February 6, 2005:

A Comfy Caboose for a Cuddly Kitten 


January 13, 2005:

Bedrest for a Beloved's Bruised Bottom 


December 18, 2004:

Patchy Pestered by Pernicious Polecat of the Press!  


November 7, 2004:

Cockatiel Carelessly Crunches Crackers on the Couch!  


November 5, 2004:

Blimp Wolf Rules the Rails!  


September 12, 2004:

It's a tricycle, stupid!  


September 6, 2004:

The Latest in Farming Technology!  Thanks for the idea, Blimp Wolf!


August 28, 2004:

Dragon and Gecko are Friends!  Back on the rails once more!


August 20, 2004:

Nose Up and Tail High!  Back on the rails once more!


August 17, 2004:

The Power of Perfume!


August 10, 2004:

Mechanically modified mephit cleans and cuddles at the same time!


July 28, 2004:

New Picture of Kahn!  More to come soon.


July 26, 2004:

Angelic Tiger on Cloud Break!  More to come soon.


July 12, 2004:

Artemis' Aromatic Alternate Identity!  See for yourself.


July 4, 2004:

Eric Cartman meets Harry Potter on a pinball table?  I'm such a crazy fur ;)


June 30, 2004:

Mobile Soda Vending Machines gone mad!  Film at eleven!


June 16, 2004:

Sslaxx Ss'eln, Strawberry Hunter!  Coming to a Muck session near you!


June 9, 2004:

Jon the engineer fox makes the grade in this latest picture!


June 6, 2004:

Kahn returns!  See what he's up to today!


May 27, 2004:

Two pix up today!  My filler art for Susandeer's webcomic(A Doemain of our Own) and a character pic for Haystack.  Enjoy!


May 23, 2004:

My friend Blimp Wolf gets a promotion.  Hooray! 


May 21, 2004:

The mephit goes mecha again!  Check out this week's picture.


May 10, 2004:

This week's picture is another silly twist inspired by a remark by Artemis during our weekend getaway.  Also, another pic by my friend, Wallaroo Blacke!


April 15, 2004

This week's picture is loosely based on a funny event from last month's weekend getaway.  Enjoy!


April 9, 2004

Poor Artemis hurt her back while working, so I captured on paper some of the time I spent helping her recover.  More to come next week!


April 1, 2004:

Between being on-call and a recent weekend getaway, I've not had much time for drawing, but I'm getting back into the groove with some new art!  Two new pix show one events that happened on the aforementioned vacation.


February 28, 2004:

Now that I'm through the night work and back on day shift, I finally finished a long-overdue picture of Jonatan and his wife, Sears.  More artwork to come soon!


February 16, 2004

This coming week, I will be working night shifts in my RL job.  To prepare for this, I have been up all night so that I can readjust my body clock and sleep schedule.  I've put the waking hours to good use, though, for I have a new pic of my buddy, Benni Hana!


February 9, 2004

Well, after knocking out my pneumonia, spending a week on-call, then crawling out of a serious funk, I'm finally starting to get back into drawing on a regular basis.  Today's upload is an early Valentine gift for my sweetheart, Artemis. I hope to have another upload soon =0)


January 13, 2004

More site improvements for the new year!  To reflect my updated drawing style, I have replaced some of the title graphics with more recent images.  I have also repaired a few broken links on the Express page.  More tidying to come soon!


January 12, 2004

Well, I'm still sick, so no new art just yet.  At least I'm on antibiotics now, which will put me back on the rails in short order.  It would have been nice if the Urgent Care Center had listened to me the first time I asked for something more powerful than over-the-counter drugs.  It took three trips to Urgent Care before anyone would run more thorough tests.

At any rate, I'm taking advantage of my doctor-ordered downtime to do a little low-stress housecleaning here at the Depot.  As I promised on January 2, I have split the Guest Gallery into a smaller number of subpages for easier loading.  I have also reformatted the main page for a tidier look.  I might not get much RL work done this week, but I can at least get a jump on some of my New Year's resolutions.


January 5, 2004

Despite suffering a relapse of the flu, I have uploaded a picture of Artemis and me taking a little comic license with the everyday task of shredding sensitive documents to avoid identity theft.  Who says chores can't be fun? ;)


January 4, 2004

The weekend went by quickly, but I have managed to upload a few changes.  First is a new picture of me by Benni, which now sits in the Guest Gallery.  Second is a link on the Express page to The World of Vicki Fox, a fine site containing a comic strip and information on foxes and skunks.


January 2, 2004

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone rang in the new year enjoyably and safely.

Many people look to the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to improve themselves in various ways.  On this, I'm resolving to continue my weight management efforts (made easier thanks to my soup-for-lunch habit and the swearing off of beef until the spread of Mad Cow Disease is contained).  I'm also resolving to continue improving this web site to make for faster loading.  I've already reformatted the Station Gallery, and intend to do the same to the Guest Gallery in the near future.  

For today, I have removed all update entries from 2000 to 2002 and moved them to their own update archive page.  That should make this page smaller and easier to load.  I have also uploaded to the Guest Gallery a new picture that Wallaroo Blacke drew for me.  Thanks, friend!



December 29, 2003


Ever since the last update, things have been very hectic in my world.  Between my RL job, my family life, and preparations for the Christmas holiday, there hasn't been much time for me to draw.  Fortunately, I've been able to start giving certain aspects of my human life some direction and order.  My resolution for this coming year is to reach out and get a little more control of my life than I have right now.  I'd like to take a moment and extend a special THANK YOU to Artemis and Blimp Wolf for helping to keep me smiling during this past month =0)

That being said, I have posted a new pic of Sanita'roo (Danruk's heroic alter ego).  I have also updated links on the Express page to Wallaroo Blacke's strip (A Roo'd Awakening) and Michele Light's page to reflect their new homes.


November 26, 2003

The Express has a new stop!  Today, I put on the Express page a link to Taco Barn Productions, the digital home of my friend Benni Hana.  


November 25, 2003

It's been a while since I uploaded any new art of my own, but I managed to finish a picture before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Titled "Together", it's a combination of my drawing and Artemis' poetry.  Nothing inspires the artist's heart like love =0)


November 21, 2003

More guest art! Today's uploads are from Ralph Hayes (check out his website!)  and Jonatan Gronoset.  Check them out in the Guest Gallery!


November 15, 2003

Workin' on the railroad!  Tonight, I'm adding a link on the Express to Ralph Hayes' core art page, where you can learn more about commissions and such.  Enjoy!


November 13, 2003

After having worked an insane work shift, I am happy to upload a new guest pic from Ralph "Ben Bruin" Hayes, in which my first kiss with Artemis is captured.  *happy sigh*.  I also fixed a broken link to my second cameo in Wallaroo Blacke's webcomic, A Roo'd Awakening.


November 12, 2003

Whoops!  While I updated the Navigation bars to reflect the removal of the Arcade and Office pages, I forgot to remove their links from the front page's table.  This has been rectified ;)


November 9, 2003

No new art yet, but with two pix under my belt in the first week of November, I'm still feelin' good ;)  After talking to a few friends, it occurred to me that the links in the Arcade and Office pages are very old and outdated.  Since I don't have as much free time as I used to, I'm not quite as much a gamer as I used to be.  Since my focus is more on my artwork these days, I have removed the Arcade and Office pages from the site.  This should also make the navigation bar less cluttered, too ;)


November 5, 2003

I'm truckin' along with two new pictures!  After an extended absence, Shanti returned to give me her final approval on Livin' Large, my latest pic.  Believe it or not, walk-in sleeper cabs that large do exist!  Check out Double Eagle Industries and see for yourself!  Also, I proudly present Kahn as he enjoys a macro moment ;) 


October 28, 2003

Burn, baby, burn!  It's funky furry footwork with Blimp Wolf in my latest pic.  I didn't think I'd ever draw disco ;)


October 19, 2003

Celebrations all around!  Today's upload is a birthday gift for Artemis.  Happy Birthday!


October 13, 2003

Another new upload!  Today's is of Tivelo P'aan, a friend of mine from IRC.  More to come soon!


October 11, 2003

Two days ago, I mentioned the possibility of changing the gallery section to make it easier for folks to see my latest art without waiting for 40 to 50 thumbnails to load.  Well, I'm happy to say that the Main Gallery has now been reformatted into 13 subpages of only 10 to 15 image links each.  As time allows, I will redo the Guest Gallery in a similar fashion =0)


October 9, 2003

Recently, I marked four years of my site's presence on www.furry.org.au .  Thanks again to Jenifur for leading me here after skunked.com's shutdown!

Today, I'm uploading two new pictures of my good friend Artemis, one of which is going on the brand-new Gallery Page 4!  I'm pleasantly surprised to see Page 3 fill up so quickly!  I didn't quite hit my desired average of one pic per week in the past year, but I was getting close.

I'd also like to say that I know that the individual Gallery pages are rather large and slow to load, and am thinking of ways to divide the gallery into smaller pages to make for quicker loads.  I'll keep you all posted!


October 2, 2003

I'm on a roll!  Tonight's upload of Sable was inspired by my sweet friend, Artemis.  More to come soon!


September 28, 2003

Nothing like a quiet week to get some drawing done!  Today's upload is a quick pic for Wallaroo Blacke.  In the Guest Gallery, there is now an oekaki by HollyAnn.  Thanks, HollyAnn! =0)


September 24, 2003

Time for a birthday pic!  Today's is of my Jellicle friend, Patch O'Black.  Par-tay! ;)


September 22, 2003

Today's additions to the guest gallery are courtesy of Wallaroo Blacke.  Thanks very much, pal!


September 21, 2003

After a lot of fine-tuning, I am happy to upload today's picture of Hervystia, a good friend and fellow railfan on FurryMuck.  More art is in the works, too.  Keep your eyes on my site, as this sketchin' steamskunk is getting up to speed again =0)


September 10, 2003


I apologize for the long delay.  It's been five months since I let the Depot go this long without an update.  Some explanations are in order.

Work has kept me insanely busy lately.  Since the resignation of one of my co-workers in mid-June, I've had to assume some of his workload, being on call for after-hours emergencies every other week.  It has been my luck that every week I spend on call has brought major catastrophes, taking up much of my energy and free time =0(

The RL home front has not been pleasant, either.  Dealing with multiple expensive auto repairs, a sick pet, and other woes have eroded my ability to draw.  At this point, I'm on vacation for the next few days to regain some semblance of order and peace in my life.

That being said, I do have several updates for the site tonight:

1. I have uploaded a picture of Jennifer, a long-tailed skunkette from FurryMuck.  Thanks for your patience, Jennifer!

2. I have added to the Express page two new linking buttons!  This is something I wanted to do a long time ago, but never got around to it.  Now, two buttons are available for anyone who wishes to put a link to my site from theirs.

3. Over the months, I have grown tired of opening my e-mailbox only to find sales pitches for credit counseling services, prescriptions drugs, and unmentionable artifacts/media ;)  In an effort to reduce the harvesting of my e-mail address by hucksters, I have replaced the e-mail link on the main page with a graphic linking button.  Feedback, questions, and requests are still welcome, though =0)


August 17, 2003

Wowf!  After dealing with pressures at work and home, then tangling with a widespread power outage, I have finally finished an overdue wedding pic for Fluffy and Forail.  I enjoyed the challenge of this pic, as this gave me an opportunity to experiment with folds and ruffles in dresses.  More importantly, I enjoyed providing this picture as a gift for two good friends =0)


August 6, 2003

In between my on-call duties and the storms that have been blowing through the area, I managed to upload a tribute picture to Susan "SusanDeer" Parkin for her fine work in helping to organize Anthrocon these past few years.  More art to come soon!


July 30, 2003

Score! Tonight, I uploaded Taur strip #6, making for 5 pictures this past month.  Not bad, considering how busy work has kept me =0)


July 26, 2003

It's been a busy past two weeks for me!  The overtime I've been putting in at work has afforded me little free time to draw.  The money has been nice, though, in light of two surprise car repairs.  My employer has added a new tech to our office and plans to add another, so eventually my workload and on-call load will drop back down to a sane level for a change.

At any rate, today's upload is of a rare moment of peace from last weekend.  I spent last Saturday running errands, seeing the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and enjoying a gourmet sundae at a place called the Cold Stone Creamery.  There, you can select from a variety of ice cream flavors and have your portion mixed with brownies, bananas and candy bits on a slab of ice-cold granite, then served to you in a waffle bowl.  It was an expensive, yet enjoyable treat =09


July 10, 2003

Finishing a pic I started during last week's camping trip, I have uploaded my rendering of Vinci and Arty.  These are the main characters of a webstrip of the same name.  Hearing Vinci's approval provided me a much-needed morale boost.  Thanks, Vinci! 


July 5, 2003

After spending some time on a short camping trip with my folks, I got a lot of drawing done!  To start, I uploaded a special request from DukeSkunk.  Here's hoping he can make it to Gen Con!  Second, I uploaded another swipe at Sega's practice of making great games with horribly written English dialogue.  It's called "localization", Sega!  You should try it sometime ;)


June 24, 2003

This morning, I uploaded 'Taur Strip #5.  The pencils for this strip were done during a late-night session in which I forced myself to stay awake in order to reset my body clock to adjust to a night shift that I would eventually work later in the weekend.  Special thanks to Benni Hana for being there to talk to while I drew!


June 18, 2003

Today's upload is part of a special request from an old friend who likes Doberman Pinschers.  While researching the costuming for this picture, I learned that railroad police officers have the same enforcement/arrest powers as regular police officers.  It's always nice to learn something new!

Meanwhile, one of my RL co-workers quit this week with zero notice.  This will result in an increased workload for the next few months, but I'm not going to let that interfere with my drawing!  In fact, I'm probably going to need to draw more just to keep all of my marbles in the bag ;)  My goal is to post at least one new picture per week.  Stay tuned!


June 9, 2003

Taur Strip #4 is online!  What a great way to cap a productive day!


June 8, 2003(late morning)

At the more sane hour of 10:45 AM, I have uploaded a new picture of Korin BlackClaw, plus I have made some minor changes to the descriptions of the previous two uploads.  More to come soon!


June 8, 2003(early morning)

It's 2:40 AM, and I'm still not tired enough to sleep!  So, I decided to be productive and upload another of the pictures I did last week ;)


June 7, 2003

After a weeklong business trip, I'm back online with four new pictures penciled!  There's nothing like layover periods and short flights to provide tons of relatively uninterrupted drawing time.  Today's upload captures a little 'toonish fun I had before my trip with Tessica and her daughter.  I'll get the others uploaded as soon as I can.  Stay tuned!


May 30, 2003

Today, I posted a belated wedding gift picture for my friend JennyBear =0)


May 19, 2003

It's time for another 'Taur strip!  Also, Jonatan Gronoset was kind of enough to send me his rendition of my locomotive, Highball Sally.  Thanks, Jonatan!


May 12, 2003

Cha-Ching!  I'm making more and more progress, now that I'm back into my drawing routine.  Today's upload is part of an art exchange with Artie Roo.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Won't be long before I get back into the 'taur strips, too ;)


May 9, 2003

Woo-hoo!  Today, I finished a pic for Suzie Skunk.  It now sits in the gallery.  I love starting my morning with a fresh upload!  Another picture is in the works, too!


May 4, 2003

Erf!  It's been a very busy past few weeks.  Between the stresses of my RL job and the obstacles placed before me and my family, my motivation to draw suffered terribly.  Fortunately, I've been crawling out of my funk, and getting back to it.  Today's upload is a joint picture that I did with Melissa Drake Smith (MelSkunk).  More to come soon!


April 10, 2003

Fur meets firepower as I post my latest picture of a powered-armor suit, modeled after my friend SusanDeer!  Also, I updated a link on the Express page to reflect the new home of G. Raymond Eddy's comic, Wild Angels. 


April 6, 2003

Last night, I got a pleasant surprise from Jonatan Gronoset, a gentleman who happened across my web site during a general search for furry art.  Not only did he send me a nice e-mail, but he also sent me a drawing!  That was very nice of you, Jonatan, and well done!  It is now in the Guest Gallery.


April 2, 2003

Today, I posted a picture that was drawn for me by a friend who did not wish to be identified.  All the same, it's a very nice pic and thus deserves a place of honor in the Guest Gallery.  Thanks again, friend!


March 30, 2003

It's been nearly a month since my last update.  I'm very sorry for the long delay, but several things happened in the past month that slowed my normal drawing/posting activities to a crawl.

First, I had the pleasant surprise of being paid a visit twice this month by my brother, who is an over-the-road truck driver.  It's been hard work, but he has managed well.  My family and I are very proud of him!  During his time home, we heard his tales from the road, and found him additional supplies/equipment to make his life on the road a little better.

Second, I have to say that I've been in a funk about the war with Iraq.  I agree that Saddam Hussein should be removed and his weapons of mass destruction found and disposed of, but I also think that the American government pushed this war a little too hard, and I fear that this may bode ill for the entire world as a result.  I hope that this war can be brought to an end quickly.

Third, I worked 78 hours in one week's time as a result of being on-call RL.  There was no way that I could get much drawing done during that time, and it took me a few days afterward to recover.

So, I'm glad to say that I'm slowly getting back on track with another 'taur strip.  Here's hoping that I can build up (and keep) the momentum soon!


March 2, 2003

Well, in the midst of the aforementioned 3-day vacation, I finally freed up enough time away from errands and such to post a new strip.  Also, over time, I will be retroactively updating the picture descriptions with upload dates.  Thanks to Jiffy of FurToonia for the idea!


February 26, 2003

Finally, some relief!  Recently, I've been able to make time to get some drawing done, which has done my mood a world of good.  Today's upload is another strip starring Shanti.  I had a lot of fun drawing this one.  Also, I have the next 3 days off, which should give me more drawing time.  Hooray!


February 16, 2003

In my last post, I talked about how last year was full of challenges, and how family and I faced them together.  Well, it appears that the universe is not done stress-testing me and my family, which explains why it's been over a month since my last post.

In the past few weeks, my RL job has been taking up half of my weekends, which has cut into my drawing time.  Add to that my finding out that one (and possibly both) of my parents will need surgery in short order, seeing my brother start a new career, and getting hammered by one of the worst winter storms we've seen in 20 years, and you have an environment that isn't exactly conducive to creativity ;)

At any rate, tonight's submission is another sequential piece, drawn for my good friend, Shanti.  Thanks for your patience, Shanti!  Also, my sincere gratitude for all who gave me feedback on the "Too Much Chocolate" strips.  Expect more sequential art in the future!


January 9, 2003

Hello again!  Sorry for the delay in returning after the holidays, but getting back on track after Christmas and New Year's Eve took a little longer than I had wanted ;)

Still, it's good to see a new year and the possibilities it holds.  I'm hoping that it's better than last year.  Last year, my family and I saw some serious challenges, but together we faced them.  We're still standing, and hopefully we can draw on the strength of family to better our situation even more.

As for my artwork, I'm happy to say that I have FOUR new uploads tonight.  That's right!  Four new pictures as part of an experiment in sequential art.  I got to play with some new camera angles and facial expressions, and also had fun mapping out the action and dialogue before actually drawing it.  The pages took a long time, but were worth the effort.  I hope you like them!


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