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Over the years, many artists have been kind enough to draw me.  These kind and friendly furs have done a great deal to encourage me to keep drawing, and have provided me with tips to improve my drawing style!   It is with sincere gratitude that I show their pictures here.

The Guest Gallery is split into four pages.  Click on the table below to go to a page:

Page 1:

Justin Carpenter, Peter LaVerdiere, Telzey Amberdon, Steve Baldassarra, Genesis Whitmore, Scotty Arsenault(Sully Fox), Albert Temple (Gene Catlow)

Page 2:

CatsWhisker, Melissa Drake Smith (MelSkunk), Thomas K. Dye (Kevin J. Dog), Colleen Phillips (Catnel), Diosden Rodriguez (Digo Racoon), Kattrina, Loran, Exactly

Page 3:

Ursula Husted (Hedgy), Clio Chiang(Catra), Joe Rosales, Cecil, Kelly Siegfried(Mousie), Lisa Cotton(HollyAnn), Dutch, Ralph Hayes (Ben Bruin), Rubbertex, Lone Fox, Chris Smith (Wallaroo Blacke)

Page 4:

Benni Hana, G. Raymond Eddy(Angel Bear), C Eagle, Anonymous, Jonatan Gronoset, Harleyetta, Burlington Skunk, Berios, Trigger, Sketch Dalmatian, Haystack

As with my own artwork, please honor the respective copyrights of these pictures.