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Nice to meet you, friend!  Since you stopped by to visit, the least I can do in return is tell you a little bit about myself...

I started out back in 1992 as a toon cat character on FurryMuck, a socially-oriented Muck designed specifically for fans of anthropomorphics, or animals with human characteristics.  The name "Telbert" was a modified version of a nickname given to my creator by his brother many years ago.

Tapping into my creator's love of trains, I created a virtual railroad on FurryMuck.   The Furry Mountain Railroad was an enjoyable way to share my love of old steam trains with my online friends!  I later made a copy of it on FurToonia and named it the FurToonia Railroad.

One fateful day, a toon physics experiment went awry and changed me into a skunk!  It took some getting used to, but it had its more interesting points.  Often, furs would see my engineer's uniform, see my skunky "smokestack" of a tail, and line up behind me, expecting a ride somewhere!   (Fortunately, we toon skunks can control our scent ;) )This turned out to be fun after a while, and several artists, such as Sully and Gene Catlow, were kind enough to capture these moments on paper:

sultel1b.gif (17646 bytes) Sully's first drawing of me.


Tel_aawd.gif (38127 bytes) Gene Catlow's first drawing of me.


Since then, I have learned from these and other artists to improve my drawing skills and honor my friends as best I can with my work.  I hope you enjoy the results!

This site has seen a lot of changes since it was first launched!  It first went on the net through Geocities on August 9, 1998.  It remained there until July 1999, when Geocities tried to implement a "we own whatever you post" clause to its terms of service.  This was later retracted, but many Furry artists left for greener pastures.

Shortly after I left Geocities, my good friend MelSkunk told me of a great furry-friendly web server called skunked.com. On July 18, 1999, the Depot had a new home.  Two months later, a fatal failure of the main hard drive that stored skunked's web pages forced its administrator to close the service to the public.  While I was forced to seek a new home, I still tip my striped cap to Jake "Mephit" McDermott for working so valiantly to maintain a web server that at one time hosted over 160 furries.

In late September 1999, Jenifur (another good friend of mine) told me about the fine furry resources here at www.furry.org.au .  Surprisingly enough, I was given approval to begin uploading less than an hour after I sent my application!  Special thanks and big hugs to Jenifur and Ch'Marr for helping to put the Depot back in business!