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Hello, Folks!  I'm Telbert Coaltender, a toon skunk engineer on the StripeTail Railroad! Here at my train station, there are lots of great things to see and great places to go!

You're now standing on the station platform.  From here, you can go to the following locations:

ABOUT ME Greetings, Friend!  This link will tell you a little more about myself.  
UPDATES This link will list the latest updates to the site.



Need something more to look at than the  empty tracks as you wait for your train? The galleries provide a look at some of my  artwork and the artwork of my friends.
STRIPETAIL EXPRESS All Aboard!   Hop aboard my train and link to other Furry/Comic sites on the web. 
SWITCHYARD More interested in railroading than Furry topics?  No problem!  The switchyard will reroute you to some rail-related sites.
CONTACT INFO This page lists several ways of contacting me if you wish to give me feedback on my art or chat in general.


Most recent update: May 30, 2008:

New art by Haystack in the Guest Gallery!

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