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Posted by Lady Lithia on May 24, 2019 at 19:29:11:

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Hello folks. I was thinking back to the Pre-Y2K days when I was such an active Taur artist. I love my life now, but I sometimes wish I had the uncomplicated life I lived then. I'm not sure anyone else still posts here. I believe that this world, and the people within it, are the ones who saved my sanity in a difficult period of my life, the period between college and finding a full time job.

I'm not doing much art anymore, but I am writing a lot. I do have a deviantart page but I don't think there is much 'taur art there. My user name is the same as always LadyLithia (or maybe it's just Lithia) but I don't go there much because as I mentioned, I'm writing a lot.

For those who used to read my 'taur stories, you'll be disappointed to know that right now my fantasy stories are sort of realistic fantasy, with no 'taurs. But I am in the midst of writing a ten-volume series. The "beta" version of the first book is out, but it's undergoing radical changes and I'll be re-releasing it later this year. I've had a few things present themselves as challenges this year, not least of which are a broken leg and a mangled hand.

I have the fondest memories of all of you. I sort of stampeded into your midst as I exited college with a degree grasped in my fist, and then after a year, I sort of ran off into the sunset with the flick of a tail. But you welcomed me when I needed a home, and when I needed to belong, you all mentored me when I needed it, and gave me the soul-sustenance to have the guts to maintain my art (in one form or another) and I have so much gratitude I cannot express it properly.

(and yes, my hair is blue - and green - and purple)

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