Dawn as a centaur issue #17

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Posted by Argon on August 06, 2008 at 15:23:16:

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Hi there,

Ok, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17 came out today and, d'uh! I was waiting at the door for the comic book shop to open. Like any centaur fan, I was anxious to see the further experiences of Dawn as a centaur.

Just a bit of back story on what seems to be happening here. In Issue #16, Dawn had, through events you can find out about by looking up the title on Wikipedia, is "cursed" and will go through three transformations. The first change, depicted in previous issues of the comic, shows the first "curse" changed her into a giant and somehow she ended up fighting some giant monster in Tokyo in a manner similar to Godzilla in the movies. After this battle, she and the rest of the "slayers" return to their headquarters in a castle in Scotland surrounded by a lot of vacant land where the giant Dawn can wander around and apparently not be seen. Hey, it's a comic about vampire slayers, so suspension of disbelief is a definite requirement.

While at their headquarters, Dawn changes from her giant form, where her features and such remain the same, she's just really tall, into the centaur form, in which her human torso seems to remain the same. She's just had an equine aspect replace her legs. This is the part of the story that I've posted images from concerning the "Human hips / Equine shoulders" discussion. (On the 'Taur list) However, there is (obviously,) more to the story than just Dawn changing into a centaur.

As mentioned above, her change into a centaur takes place at the "slayers" HQ in Scotland. Buffy and other members of her group are in New York, and Buffy has somehow been transported into the future and meets Frey, who is a character in another comic so this is a "crossover" story. Finally, in issue #16, the bad guys, who seem to be vampires or some sort of enemies of the "slayers" send off a "magic missile" (No, not THAT kind of magic missile,) that sets off a big green explosion at the "slayers" HQ, and that's pretty much where issue #16 ends.

In issue #17, Xander, the guy with the eye patch shown in some of the panels I've shared, has made it back to the HQ which isn't all that wrecked but finds the missile has unleased a bunch of monsters. Dawn appears in the following two pages and, after all the above history, I'll share them with you now.


The pages are scanned at 800 pixels width, so if you're on dial-up, I apologize for a possible lengthy download. I find several things about Dawn's appearance and conversation with Xander of interest. One is again, the depiction of her human hips above her equine shoulders, her offer to let Xander "ride her" as he might ride a horse, which under the circumstances is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and her complaint of Xander pulling on her mane, which clarifies the fact that she has one. In the earlier images it was hard to tell whether the hair flowing down her back was the long hair she has in human form was falling on her equine aspect or was, indeed, a mane.

Next is issue #18 which has this, in my opinion, great cover, http://www.centaursite.com/dawncover.jpg So it would seem more great centaur imagery is in store for us.

I highly recommend you all go to your local comic book shop and buy copies of these comics so you can enjoy Dawn's circumstances in the context of the whole story and can enjoy the art in it's original form and not just my chopped up scans illustrating my human hips / equine shoulders discussion.

Also note that all these scans are copyright Dark Horse comics and used to illustrate aspects of the above discussion. The usual restrictions and, hopefully, fair use policies apply.


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