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Posted by Mavra on January 11, 2006 at 09:43:18:

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In Reply to: Re: i'm new...... posted by Thundra on January 10, 2006 at 17:15:51:

: : : : : : : i'm a 11-year-old centaur and i wanted know if i could join the herd, my e-mail address up top is actually my IM adress for MSN. i think the narnia movie ROCKED!!!!!!!

: : : : : : I see nothing wrong with you and Firenze joining the herd... I think just about anyone's welcome. Then again I'm relatively new here myself, and will defer to the wishes of the higher-ups. They'll probably stop by in a few days to see how stuff's going, they're probably with family for the holidays.

: : : : : great! thanks for allowing me in, alot of people won't let people younger than 13 into their herd. my phoenix, Regal, would like to stay also

: : : : i think you guys should stop saying 'taur, newbies may think you're talking about minotaurs, and i'm a big-time minotaur slayer

: : : From the way it was explained to me, when we use the phrase 'taur around here, it means any creature resembling the classic greek centaur. This means that anyone with 4 legs and 2 arms is welcome here, be they wolf-taur, cat-taur, fox-taur, etc. Admirers of these forms are also welcome here. It just seems more appropriate and less discriminatory to group everyone as a 'taur.

: : : Does that help to clear things up? I don't think there's any minotaurs hanging around here, at least not in the classic mythological form (head/torso of a bull, walking upright like a human). If anyone is, pop in and quickly say hello.

: : i'd like to know who and what people are here, male or female, and what kind of centaur they are, if they have any pets such as Regal and what their colors are, i am a sorrel colored centaur with black socks and a black tail and hair with deep blue eyes.

: I'm a bay draft-type with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I have a few pics up on my deviantArt site ( if you'd like to swing by and check them out sometime. I do have a pet... he's around here somewhere...

: As for everybody else, I think some of their descriptions might be listed in the archives.

I stopped playing a game called 'Guild Wars' because it involved killing centaurs. Ugh, I couldn't tolerate it, but that's just me.


PS: Oh, and yes, I'm a centaur. :-) ^_~
PPS: There's some more spam at the top. Egad.

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