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Posted by IdahoBob on May 15, 2005 at 09:47:46:

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In Reply to: Re: Centaur suit posted by Gwen on May 14, 2005 at 12:20:29:

: I would like the back legs to "walk".

That seems to be the hardest to do, and look great. Having the rear legs shuffle back and forth is ok, but having them move in referance to the front legs would be better. Since you have horses, you know about the differnt gants and such. I assume you aren't trying to make something that.

Also, different animals walk different ways. The two main walks is where the hind foot follows the forefoot, and the other is the opposit hind foot follows the the forefoot. Herbivors typically do the first one and carnivors do the second. Infact you can usually tell if the animal is a preditor just by it's walk!

A simple shuffle can be done wiht a single wheel between them, and the left rear on one peg, and the right on nother peg, so they are basically moving like your feet would move on a unicycle.

More complex motions can be made with strings or pushrods going from the front legs to the back. The best I've ever seen done was with two thin black pushrods that went from your thighs, the the rear legs. Not only did they move the legs while you walked, they even moved at the Right Time as you walked. (Your thigh moves first, before your foot does!) It was the wrong gant for a heribvore, but looked really good anyway.

: I plan to be walking all over the place in this thing so my other concern is that the frame is lightweight.

Look at doing the basic frame in PVC pipe (cheep and works well). Have the body hollow or filled with something really light like styrofoam. I've seen really good ones where someone made a very simple wire frame, and had the skin pulled over it, so it was very light.

You might want to contact some people into making "Con Suits" and see what they think making something lightweight, breathable, and good looking.

- IB

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