From the 'Taur's Mouth (part 4)

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Posted by Lucius Appaloosius on October 12, 2003 at 20:47:00:

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In Reply to: From the 'Taur's Mouth (part 3) posted by Lucius Appaloosius on October 10, 2003 at 14:40:50:


I will leave my younger self, for a moment, still tumbling through the abyss of space-time, while I theorize on what was about to happen. Likewise, I might as well bring the reader up to speed (if such a term can be used for the hapless soul with whom I was to be entwined) on the early life of the human I shall simply call 'Bill'.

Now, when an individual is so abruptly cast into the Multiverse , as I was, without any reliable means of navigation, it seems that a form of natural gravitation will steer him, or her, towards the world most closely related to his or her home. Oftentimes, perhaps, this world may contain a direct counterpart to the person concerned. And in the absence of any special precautions (which may have figured in the other accounts of interdimensional meetings I have come across since), the economy of the cosmos will merge these two into one. Perhaps this is another aspect of that same gravitational force: on the other hoof, it may simply be a way of avoiding the embarrassment of meeting yourself on the street. But since I have no other case to examine than my own, all this remains mere speculation. (After all, how should I know? I'm not Doctor bloody Bronowski...)

So, out of all the possible worlds there are; instead of being a valiant warrior, an exalted monarch or a powerful mage; my destiny led me to this present world, and to Bill.

In many ways, despite the obvious physical difference, Bill could be called my perfect double: born at the same time, in the same region of the world, sharing my own character, faults and all. A sedentary, bookish type, given to flights of imagination (or, as it might be more accurately called, woolgathering), he was born into a prosperous, but not excessively wealthy, family. Perhaps our psychic tie was strengthened by his early tendency towards transformational, or 'furry', fantasy; be that as it may, one particular incident prepared him for my arrival in his consciousness.

It was the summer of 1969, or perhaps a little later. For some unknown reason, he came upon a copy of the 'Lois Lane' comic book, issue number 92 (You may see selections from that issue on Argon's site). To this day, Bill swears he did not purchase it himself; how it got into his home was, he claims, a mystery. A female cousin might have left it; or a brother (he was the youngest of three), who was in fact a connoisseur - and perhaps an agent-provocateur - of selected weirdnesses, might have obtained it. (The brother in question is now, alas, deceased; so the truth will likely never be known.)

However it happened, that publication so jarred his pre-pubescent mind that he became unusually sensitized to centaurs; and it was not many years later, that the fatal accident which I have related in the previous chapter came to pass.

So, upon my entrance into this world, nothing would satisfy the Fates, but that I should be instantly incorporated in this human's mind and soul. I have no idea how the bystanders in my home world reacted to my disappearance; I would guess that Prof. Selbstreiter's invention was judged less than a complete success.

Coming up soon: an epilogue, containing little of interest to anyone but myself......


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