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Posted by Lucius Appaloosius on October 03, 2003 at 19:58:54:

Poster's IP was:
(Peeks cautiously around the curtain, clears his throat once or twice, then walks slowly up to the footlights, wincing at the echo his hoofsteps make in the auditorium):

Erm - Anyone out there?

(No answer; but he goes on ,anyway):

Hello... or Xaipe! , if you prefer.... Just thought I'd introduce myself, here. (I gather that is the preferred protocol in these instances). My name's Lucius - Lucius Appaloosius, to be precise -
(looks up at the heading) You already knew that, of course - silly of me to remind you..

Anyway, I've been corresponding with Aatheus for some months now; and I thought it would be high time to meet some of the rest of the herd, as it were....... Some of you, no doubt, subscribe to his excellent periodical; and hence have seen my attempts at art. Perhaps you have wondered who this artist fellow is, or at least thinks he is....

Well, I suppose it is obligatory to start off with some sort of biography. I cannot yet provide all the details, but:

I've been a centaur all my life. (Well not *yet* - but you know what I mean) However, I have only been living among Humans for the last, oh...
(Pulls his watch out and consults it absent-mindedly) thirty years or so....It's a long story how I got here, so I'll spare you the tedium. Simply put, it involves a Human named Bill, a misplaced inter-
dimensional portal and a fortuitous copy of "Lois Lane" comics #92............

(Starts warming to his subject)

Bill was rather introverted, and a bit paranoid (not in the clinical sense, though) about my presence; he was also something of a technophobe, which kept me isolated for these many years. It was not until last year that he was persuaded to buy a computer...

On a hunch, I borrowed it one day, and typed in a search for "centaurs". It was then that I discovered an entire community of my species out there. What a delight! (I suppose that most of you have the same story; but I hope you will permit a newcomer to repeat it.) I immediately gathered up some of the cultural relics I had been able to carry over from my home dimension (very much like this world, but with a few obvious differences), and set about trying to publish them............

With your indulgence ( and with the help of a few ideas of my own), I hope to be of some assistance in disseminating Centaur culture throughout this world. Who knows: we might even find some means of converting Humans to our cause....

(Pauses melodramatically; then shrugs):

On the other hand, we could just schmooze...

(Waves goodnight, and trots off stage left)

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