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Posted by Joleze on August 20, 2002 at 19:47:23:

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hey i was searching the for centaur stuff (i'm in the middle of checking out sites for every semi-human, anthro, or sentient fantasy creature i can think of [or simulate ;)]. i started with merpeople, but got to much trashy stuff, so i moved onto centaurs) when i found your message board i thought, "hmph! some weird centaur-oriented board." after reading some of the posts i was amazed to find there are "people" like me out there. you got a really awesome message board aatheus. keep it up!

by the way, i suppose your wondering what i mean by "simulate." i am refering to the fact that although not a centaur i can take the form of one. it's not that i can shapeshift, but i can fuse with nearly any living being once we are fused "i" can take any form that is at least halfway the form of the host. (i can fuse with multiple beings, but then things get more confusing.) if the host is non-sentient i pretty much take total control (i "gain" their memories and instincts). if they are sentient, then it's a battle of the wills, literally. so i usaully don't do that unless i have a host willing to cede control. anyway, by fusing with a horse, a centaur is one of my favorite forms.

one last thing joleze (joh-LEZ) is just a nickname my full name is jolezemacura (joh-LEE-zeh-MAH-coo-RAH) it means "he who knows many forms but cannot tell which is his own" i also have a brother, jole (joh-LAY), or jolenesumacu (joh-LAY-nay-SOO-mah-COO), but he's more into magic and thinks my "obsession" of using my abilities to imitate mythical beings is "idiotic" and "childish." WELL **** YOU I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR ********, ****** ****!!! sorry, i got carried away =}


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