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Posted by Mavra on July 02, 2002 at 18:05:27:

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In Reply to: Centaur Housing and Headroom posted by JTaur on June 27, 2002 at 20:16:09:

: It's been awfully quiet here lately... I thought I'd thought I'd toss out this topic for debate.

It certainly has been, whatís the topic?

: Without a doubt, Centaurs come in all shapes and sizes. Now some Centaurs don't like being boxed in at all and will rough it in the wide open spaces. Other's, like myself, enjoy having a roof over their heads.

Ayup, so do I.

: I'd like to know what style of home is most perferred among taurs? Do you perfer single story or multi floor homes

Odd as it may sound, I like multiple-floor dwellings, but I *know* that single-story domiciles are much more easy to get around in for not only humans but centaurs as well.

: Also, how much head room does a Centaur need? Would you scrape by with just a couple dozen inches over your hear, or would you need/like enough head to be able to rear up without putting your heads through the ceiling?

Oh, I like high ceilings, of course. The last thing I would want to feel is claustrophobic in my own home.

: For myself, I like a spacious, single story or semi-split level, Ranch house with lots of headroom. At 7'2" high, I'd like a 16'-20' high ceilings. Common areas like the main room, dineing room and kitchen would be spacious enough to have about 5 other full grown taurs over. Wishfully all fillies. ;)

: JT

Split-level ranches are interesting, and are quite nice. A couple of my friendsí parentís house is like that, and I got around in it quite well, as long as I didnít rear up, that is.

Hmm... why is it called Ďrearing upí when itís your front that raises?

Thanks for the posting, JT. :-)


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