A changed life!

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Posted by Rick on May 17, 2002 at 18:18:44:

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Alright, I have been asked how I was transformed into a centaur and now have gotten the time to write about it. Please forgive the spelling and grammer writting is not one of my strong points. So here it is my story.
A Changed life!


It was in June of 2000 that I was returning home to Seattle from visting a friend who lived in Licoln, Illinois. I had planned to do a some sight seeing on my way home and driving though the Dakota Badlands was one of the sights I want to see, so getting off of I-90 about 100 miles east of Rapid City, South Dakota I started to drive the secondary roads. I was driving South on Highway 240 enjoying the scenery when my truck had other ideas, it started to overheat. So pulling over to the side of the road I got out and open the hood of the truck and was met by a face full of steam quickly backing away I let the steam disperse. After the steam had cleared I look inside the engine carparment to see what was wrong, it was a busted radiator hose it had crack wide open. Closing the hood I decided to walk back to a town that I had pass though a couple of miles back, hopeful I could catch a ride to town, but that was doughtful since their was little of any traffic on this road I had passed while driving. Slowly walking back to town I notice the scenery about me the area was barrin rocky hills with grassy meadows and a steam flowing though the meadow. The weather was warm and pleasent and the birds were out and singing, so I had no worries about being caught in a snow storm or anything like that. As I continued to walk hoping that a car would come by, but to no luck there was nobody, like I was the only person left on the face of the earth it seemed kind of spooky and thats when I heard the singing off in the distance. It sounded like a woman's voice, but it was to far to be sure, so hoping that who ever they were they would have a phone or I could get a ride back to town to get a new radiator hose. I had to get off the road and walk into the meadow to follow the singing. As I followed the singing voice I kept looking for house or structure of some kind, but did not see anything I wonder to myself what does this person live in a cave. Lo and bold I followed the singing to guess what a cave entrance am I phyic or what, but anyway the cave was at the base of a cliff and was hidden behind some bushes. I heard this voice inside of my head telling to go inside the cave. So throwing caution to the wind I said hello, as I entered the cave I had to stoop over, so I would not hit my head on the cave entrance, but when I got inside the cave became larger. The singing had stop by the time I entered the cave and when my eyes a justed to the darkness, but their was no need for this, because in the center of the cave burned a very large fire and over it hanged a big pot made of some kind of material that I could not identify, behind the large fire sat a very old woman who was sewing something on to this blanket from what I could not tell, laying next to the very old woman was a big black dog who was watching the very old woman sew. The very old woman look at me and said in a very creaky old voice said welcome, Rick to the end of the World. I was shock by her saying this to me, first how did she know my name and second why was the World going to end? That will be reveled in good time, she said. About what knowing my name or how the World is suppost to end? Said I. I was going to ask about the singing knowing that this old crone could not prodused such beatiful songs when she started to sing the most beatiful song that I had ever heard in my life it made my heart ack with saddness at hearing such loveliness. When she had finish singing she turned to me and said not bad for a old crone, eh, Rick? Right there and then I had just learn a valueble leason that you should never judge a person from the outside its what inside them that counts, hey!!! what a mintune how did you know I thought you as a old crone I ask her. I can read minds to you know that, Rick. No, I said, but I guess I found out the hard way. She smiled at me in a old creaky way and spooned out some soup into a wooden bowl out of the big earthin pot (I found out later what the pot was made of) and offered me it to me. Its berry soup its good and sweet she said, as I took the bowl from her and the soup had a red color to it and did smell very good and I was getting hungry. So lateling up some soup into the wooden spoon I ate some and it did taste very good to. After eating some more soup I started to feel dizzy and started to get cramps in my stomach. Dropping the bowl I double over and the room started to spin and I black out. When I finally ragained conseinse I felt a heavyness below my waist I open my eyes and notice that I was laying on my side and I could not roll on to my back and sit up. My legs were not responding the way they should, I look back I saw why, OH MY GOD I'VE HAVE BECOME A HORSE!!! I heard this chucklying noise come from across the cave and turned to see that it was the old woman laughing at me, so what do you say horsey-rick?
She said to me. Stun, I could not say anything in reply to her, so turning my attenshion away from her I look at what I had become starting from what remained of my human body I notice that my cloths had been torn from me growing in size, so I remove my shirt or what remained of it and saw that I had no hair on my chest, stomach, or arm but reveling smooth skin. My skin had gone from a pinkish white to a cooper color not only that I had a horse mane running down my back and was black with some white in it where ran down to my equine half. Now my equine half was a mix color it being back and white and if I remembered horse breeds right that would make my equine half a Pinto. I look back ferther and notice that my torn pants and what remained of my shoes were still on my back legs. I removed thoughs with some great difficulty, but successed in removing them. With that done I decided I had better try and stand up for laying would not get me anywere, so as I layed there trying what to do first I again heard this laughter. The old woman had seen the helpless look on my face and could not help but laugh. Horses use their front legs to get up off the ground horesy-rick, she smiled at me as she said this. I'm not a horse darn it I retorded back to her, she just smiled at me. So using the cave wall as support I made my attemps to stand up after a few feble attemps I was standing on my own two er, four feet er, hooves? Now that I was standing all I need to do now was start walking easy said than done, so I tried to take a few steps, thats when all heck broke loose I started to stumble and trip all over the place, now this is not something for a person of my size to do inside of a cave let me tell you. I hit my head against the cave ceiling, step on the the big black dog not once, but twice he bit both times serves me right though and for the grand finally knock over the big earthen pot with the berry soup in it which made the old woman very mad. She scream at me and said look at what you done to my soup you big horse-butt and she start to throw things at me which made me head for the cave entrance. I had to get down on my knees to get out and I had tuck my torn cloths up under my arm to be able to crawl thought cave entrance my flanks had gotten stuck and no matter how hard I pulled I could not get free. Then I felt the bite of someone's dull teeth in my equine rear end and someone else kick me also. Between the biting and kicking this gave me the extra motivation to pry myself free. Freeing myself I got back on my feet, er hooves and moved slowly away. As I was leaving I heard the old woman say, Rick your life as been changed in more than one way, life will be a difficult for you, but you have the courage in you to prevail, so never give up! I turn around to ask her what that ment, but the cave entrance had vanished like it had never existed. With nothing else to I turned and walk away from the cliff wondering how much my life has been change becauce of this transformation only time will tell I guess. Now all I had to do was find a way back to Seattle, since driving was now out of the question. Boy does life throw you a curve ball or what!

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