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Posted by Mavra on April 24, 2002 at 06:31:02:

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In Reply to: Re: Centaurs and the Law: View Two posted by IdahoBob on March 05, 2002 at 16:16:51:

: So lets talk about this!

: Should 'taurs follow human law? Why? Why not?

: Should humans follow 'taur law? Why? Why not?

: What would the differences be?

: -- IdahoBob

Ok, I’ll go ahead and raise some more ideas, issues, and concepts... maybe a few other things as well.

One thing that Argon mentioned to me when we were first talking about this is the difference between centaurs being ‘rare’ in comparison to centaurs being ‘common’. Think of it in context of buildings being ‘wheelchair accessible’. It wasn’t a large concern until just a few decades ago. Just to make idle chitchat, how many centaurs would it take (I am assuming the current US population to be around 300 million) to have laws that would call for ‘centaur friendly’ buildings and structures?

Another, again, would be the apparent differences between dress codes as what was stated earlier. Lucky for us, the rule of ‘No shirts, no shoes, no service’ could still apply, and thank goodness that shorts were not included!

The interesting thing about laws in the US is that they’re constantly being modified, just as the amendments of the Constitution are, and the laws that govern humans and centaurs would have to apply to both, otherwise they are worthless.

As I had said earlier, discrimination cannot (ideally) be limited to either number of limbs or body weight. As to how *distinctions* would be made without laws saying that ‘Mr. A is a centaur and Ms. B is a human’ I am currently at a loss for.

One other item that I’ll bring up for now is speed. Centaurs *can* move much faster than humans in general. Add to the fact that the larger ones can easily mass as much as some small automobiles, and just as easily outweigh a motorcycle/rider combined. Just by looking at the numbers alone, how could one justifiably allow a centaur full speed traffic upon a sidewalk? Easily, you cannot. It would be akin to allowing motorcycle riders full liberties on the sidewalk as well as on the road. Likewise, the same in reverse would hold true for pedestrians, four-legged or otherwise, on the roads. Since I am currently not too sure as to how would this be addressed, I’m going to leave this portion open for future discussions.


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