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Posted by Sigh (again)... on April 01, 2002 at 01:58:54:

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In Reply to: Re: Centaurs and the Law: View Two posted by Mozdoc on March 04, 2002 at 15:02:32:


: Yes, they'd have no choice to if they were to be passed. It'd be just the same as with any other stupid law passed. Everybody would bitch and complain before a month or so passed and they got used to it.


: Finally you see something straight Mavra. We don't put blankets or crap like that on animals to conceal them, why should the 'Taurs be treated differently?


: This is so stupid. A Centaur getting stopped for violating a speed limit would make about as much sense as pulling over a bicycle. In a few words, nobody really gives a damn about how fast a bicycle goes or how fast a Centaur can go. Its our ability, yay for us, boo for the stupid humans. Tough luck for them they aren't attached to an animal.


: They are aware that horses and bicycles can stop much more quicker and pose less of a danger, aren't they? If not, someone's got to be blind and just flat out stupid.

--"more quicker"? Tsk. As it happens, I have a spare copy of Warriner's lying about somewhere. Perhaps someone is in dire need.


: No, you left nothing out, just brought up stupid points that nobody really cares about in the first place. Centaurs have the advantage of going fast, jumping higher, and going farther. Tough shit for the humans then that they don't have these abilities. We shouldn't be the subjects of bitchng and complaining just because we're "better" than they are.

: --Mozdoc


Such language. Such angst. It's clear someone's not happy here. Again we are witness to the sore abuse of this peaceful, informative forum. It causes one to wonder if anything can be done to assuage such temper.

Ah well.

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