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Posted by IdahoBob on March 05, 2002 at 16:16:51:

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In Reply to: Re: Centaurs and the Law: View Two posted by Mozdoc on March 04, 2002 at 15:02:32:

Mozdoc writes:

: No, you left nothing out, just brought up stupid
:points that nobody really cares about in the
:first place.

I dissagre. There are many people interested in the points brougt up. I am one of them.
The rights of a sentient non-human have never been dealt with under the law. It also strikes a cord with me because I am dealing with that very concept in a story I'm writting.

Mozdoc writes:
:Centaurs have the advantage of going fast,
:jumping higher, and going farther. Tough shit
:for the humans then that they don't have these
:abilities. We shouldn't be the subjects of
:bitchng and complaining just because we're
:"better" than they are.

You could have said simular things about black people during slavery, native americans in the 1500's, and many other groups. I still thing this is a valid topic.

Mavra writes:

:1) The Form:
:First and foremost, what separates centaurs from humans?

Well, the classic answer would be eather "Because they are different" and "There should be no differance." The reality is usuall somewhere inbetween.

Under the law, it would matter why this question is being asked. Law typically deals with distbute between people: Someone hurt another, Someone refuses to do something, Someone didn't pay another, etc. When these are brougth forward before judges or discusted by lawmakers, it is being brought under the law.

In this thread, Mozdoc seems to feel that 'taurs are better and shouldn't be under human law. Mavra on the other hand seems to feel that they would natually and only a few things would have to be adjusted to make this true. I feel that it would be a long and hard battle, just like any other civil rights problem.

So lets talk about this!

Should 'taurs follow human law? Why? Why not?

Should humans follow 'taur law? Why? Why not?

What would the differances be?

-- IdahoBob

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