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Posted by Mozdoc on March 04, 2002 at 15:02:32:

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In Reply to: Centaurs and the Law: View Two posted by Mavra on March 03, 2002 at 15:18:03:

: Hello, and once again welcome to the thoughts and theories I have in regards to centaurs and how they would/could be interpreted by the laws of the land. I shall maintain my prior caveat in stating that this only pertains to United States law, being a resident and citizen of the US, and most familiar with this system.

: While the first submitted document discussed as to whether or not centaurs *can* be put under the law as humans can, the purpose of this piece is to examine in what forms could those laws take ahold. Again, with the prior document in place, I shall assume established that centaurs are indeed ‘human’ as far as legal issues hold, both responsibilities and privileges are concerned. For the format of this discussion, both the form and capabilities (or potentially the lack thereof) of centaurs in comparison to that of humans will be examined.

: 1) The Form:

: First and foremost, what separates centaurs from humans? The obvious answer is, of course, the equine portion. The humanoid portion often resembles the counterpart of humans to such a degree that no real distinctions can be made, except in matters of size for certain individuals. As can be compared with horses, the equine portion of centaurs are generally gone bereft of attire, being covered in hair, there really isn’t a need for it to be otherwise. Humans understandably tend not to ascribe to this withers-down nudity, not having similar anatomy, and thereby engaging in public decency laws. Now, how would centaurs adapt to these laws?

Yes, they'd have no choice to if they were to be passed. It'd be just the same as with any other stupid law passed. Everybody would bitch and complain before a month or so passed and they got used to it.

: Centaurs, almost by their very form, are prevented (except the most limber of individuals) from placing various attire on their hindquarters in order to soothe the furrowed brow of John Q. Public. Putting a requirement upon centaurs for some sort of ‘public blanket’ on the hindquarters to conceal anatomy could pose a similar level of difficulty, and seen as a hindrance to normal daily activities. While assistance could be provided for this, it would be akin to reducing a centaur’s level of independence and seen as a waste of money, be it the taxpayer’s or the centaur’s. It is therefore submitted that centaurs need not wear either skirts, dresses, kilts, or any other article of concealing clothing to be worn about the hindquarters, unless the individual centaur cares to make an effort for it.

Finally you see something straight Mavra. We don't put blankets or crap like that on animals to conceal them, why should the 'Taurs be treated differently?

: Conversely, since centaurs wear no lower-body clothing, the only thing that would provide an amount of concealment would be in fact the tail. It would not be too much to ask of any centaur to keep the tail lowered and the hair to be of sufficient length to provide an amount of decorum. Furthermore, for the masculine centaur, general anatomy would be taken into consideration and that the exposure of certain portions would be the same as it would be for a human male. In other words, keep things out of site and discrete.

: 2) The Abilities:

: It is understandable that most would think this as an issue of little or no consequence, but it can be important to consider. While there is little or no laws that I know of at this time that would restrict individuals of ‘unusual strength’, it can be imagined that the idea of ‘reasonable restraint’ can apply as well as the general disparity in physical strength between a typical centaur and human.

: A matter that definitely strikes a difference between humans and centaurs would be that of mobility, namely, centaurs can traverse an amount of ground that greatly exceeds that of humans. An excellent example would be that of the beaches in Daytona. While it is permissible to drive along indicated stretches of ocean-side beaches, there is a 10 MPH speed limit that is indeed enforced with vigor. The point of this is how would this affect centaurs? Again, ‘reasonable restraint’ comes to the forefront as well as proper applications and interpretations of the law.

This is so stupid. A Centaur getting stopped for violating a speed limit would make about as much sense as pulling over a bicycle. In a few words, nobody really gives a damn about how fast a bicycle goes or how fast a Centaur can go. Its our ability, yay for us, boo for the stupid humans. Tough luck for them they aren't attached to an animal.

: Humans are not prevented from either riding bicycles or jogging on the beach, as long as the bicyclists do not exceed the speed limit (this has yet to be shown at this time), and humans tend to jog slower than the speed limit. Centaurs, being partially equine in nature, could easily surpass this limit, and while not riding a vehicle that imparts mechanical advantages, they are significantly more massive than a human/bicycle combination.

They are aware that horses and bicycles can stop much more quicker and pose less of a danger, aren't they? If not, someone's got to be blind and just flat out stupid.

: I would therefore submit that ‘reasonable restraint’ would be applied, limiting a centaur to the posted speed limit if humans, both walkers and waders alike, were present, but could be eased if there were none. The amount and/or level of this interpretation could easily vary in large amounts due to the officer present and could set precedent for future law enforcement policies for centaurs.

: In closing, it is the purpose of laws to assist citizens and prevent harm to coming to them, whether they have no legs, wheels, one leg, two, (three legs?) or even four.

You forgot to mention those that have more than four.

: If there’s anything that has been left out, please speak out! More thoughts and opinions are desired and welcomed for discussion.

: ~

No, you left nothing out, just brought up stupid points that nobody really cares about in the first place. Centaurs have the advantage of going fast, jumping higher, and going farther. Tough shit for the humans then that they don't have these abilities. We shouldn't be the subjects of bitchng and complaining just because we're "better" than they are.


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