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South Fur Lands

SFL News

Half price sale!

We're overstocked with back-issues, so now is the time to add to your collection. All in-stock issues up to issue #53 are now half of their listed price. (See the Issues page for price & availability). Issues after #53 are still full price. Issues that are out-of-stock and need to be printed on demand are full price. Very limited quantities available on some issues, so first-come, first-served. Once the back-stock is sold, they go onto the print-on-demand list.

Publication ceases

Due to the falling sales and growing costs, South Fur Lands has now ceased publication as of issue #57 (December 2011).

SFL goes digital!

The older issues of South Fur Lands are now available in digital format. So far issues #1 to 10 plus the first two Adult Annuals are available. Check them out!

Latest annual: S&V #12 (2010)

Latest issue

Regular issue: #57 (Dec. 2011)

Current Issue

Sex & Violence Annual

ISSUE #12 (2010)

The 12th and final annual adults-only issue of South Fur Lands is available for order. Featuring a cover by MistyStriker, with more of her art in colour inside, and more art from the likes of James L.Brandt, Silnat and Bernard Doove, plus a comic by Roy D. Pounds II. There is also a story written by Bernard Doove and illustrated by James L. Brandt. This issue has eleven full colour images.
Price: $12

Current Regular Issue

ISSUE #57!

Our final regular issue is number fifty seven, collated at MiDFur 13, featuring a colour front cover by Mike Sherman, and a back cover by Bernard Doove, plus more colour art by Dairuga and Roy D. Pounds II. There's more B&W art by Roy, as well as such artists as Kacey Miyagami, James L. Brandt, Jenner, Mayra Boyle, Rezzit, and stories by Sandwalker and James L. Brandt.
Price: $10

U.S. Distributor

We are currently distributed by Second Ed. He carries many back-issues, as well as the latest issues of South Fur Lands. Check out his details on the BUY SFL page. If you live in the U.S., he is your best source for in-stock items.

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