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South Fur Lands

Issue - 48 (March 2008)

South Fur Lands 48 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the forty eighth issue of South Fur Lands. The cover for this issue was done by Fio Purrfetti, with a comic story inside related to it. Check out what else we have to offer." - Bernard Doove

Cover by Fio Purrfetti
"Love Illustrated"
Tythia by B_Dog (picture)
Harem dancer bunny.
Boodie by MistyStriker (picture)
A puss in boots... and a skirt.
Love illustrated by Fio Purrfetti (comic)
How do you let that cute boy know that you like him?
A Fox Out Of Water (part 2) by Mechafox (story)
Continuing the story of Mechaman.
Chakat Swiftwalk by Heather Bruton (picture)
Portrait of Swiftwalk, hybrid child of a chakat and a skunktaur.
Barbarian Snowleopard by Silverwind (picture)
Better than Tarzan by a long shot!
The Talented Mr Kraden by Brendan Moore (picture)
Kraden shows off his skills.
Inali by MistyStriker (picture)
Inali dances for you.
Her Vegetable Plot by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
This vixen likes gardening a lot, and her special love is fresh vegetables.
Midnight's Methods story by Bernard Doove, art by James L. Brandt (illustrated story)
Chakat Midnight, security chief of the starship Pegasus, deals with a disturbing element from within hir own department.
Slinky Chakat by Diana Harlan Stein (picture)
The title speaks for itself.
Trance by MistyStriker (picture)
Portrait of Trance.
Night After The Faire by Michael Thompson (picture)
A pleasant way to end a fun day with your girlfriend.
Jet Squirrel by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Beware of jet powered squirrel nests with pine cone missiles!
It's A Jungle Out There! by Hagen Cartoons (cartoons)
More humour from the pen of Hagen.
Homecoming by Rinmax (story)
A kamgaroo on walkabout comes home in style.
Serafina by Brendan Moore (picture)
Portrait of Serafina of Tapestries.
Cheetah Woman by BDog (picture)
A magnificent cheetah woman in a skimpy outfit.
Look Into My Eyes by Michael Thompson (picture)
Stop staring down there!
I like The Rain by Brendan Moore (picture)
Bigo likes to walk in the rain.
Large Spotted Genet by BDog (picture)
Natural illustration of a large spotted genet.
Drum Bat by Michael Sherman (picture)
This bat girl loves to keep the beat.
Draft Horse by MistyStriker (picture)
A hoofed filly in a short skirt and not much else!
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