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South Fur Lands

Issue - 47 (December 2007)

South Fur Lands 47 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the forty seventh issue of South Fur Lands. The cover for this issue was done by Bingo Dingo. Check out what else we have to offer." - Bernard Doove

Cover by Brendan Moore
"Bingo Blades"
A Perfect Day by Heather Bruton (picture)
Book cover art for Life's Dream.
Chakat Goldfur by Terrie Smith (picture)
Badge art of Goldfur.
Misty Doll Set by MistyStriker (picture)
Four images of Misty in various outfits.
M'Lai In Traditional Costume by Heather Bruton (picture)
M'Lai models one of the traditional costumes for Caitian females.
Dance Like You Mean It! by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
A kangaroo flyer shows you how to really dance to the music.
Celtic Chakat by Diana Harlan Stein (picture)
A Celtic themed chakat portrait.
MiDFur 2007 by MistyStriker (picture)
Promotional art for the 2007 furmeet.
It's A Jungle Out There! by Hagen Cartoons (cartoons)
Humour from the pen of Hagen.
Foot Fetish by BDog (picture)
Watch out! This big bad wolf has a fetish.
Changed by Mechafox (story)
Fear of humans that have been Changed comes to a violent conclusion.
Rony by Falcon (picture)
Portrait of the young fur, Rony.
SillyScaly #28 by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
The continuing misadventures of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
AE Kitty Girl by Michael Thompson (picture)
Portrait of an anime kitty.
One Lap Down by Ferret (comics)
More craziness from the pit crew.
Mr Foxy by Roy D. Pounds II (comics)
The adventures of Mr Foxy.
Destination Calabria by MistyStriker (picture)
The sexiest marching band you will ever find.
Doctor M'Lai Saarath by Shawntae Howard (picture)
Portrait of Doctor Saarath, the assistant chief medical officer of the Pegasus.
Centauress by Opal Weasel (picture)
A beautiful centaur filly.
Cindy's Summer by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
This furry fem loves beach weather.
The Gentle Art Of Persuasion by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
One of the Boiler Belles gets her message across.
Dominatrix by Henbe (picture)
Fifine is somewhat out of character, much to the chakat's consternation.
Riddley Robot by James L. Brandt (comic)
Riddley test runs his rabbit robot.
Wolf Groom & Dragoness Bride by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Mixed species marriages can be interesting!
Spotted by Scrapper BlackDragon (picture)
A dalmation at the beach.
Bump by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
A chakat cub and human boy bump heads.
Silverblue by B_Dog (picture)
Portrait of Silverblue the Gothbunny.
M'Lai Poses by Steve Corbett (picture)
Nude portrait of M'Lai Saarath.
A Fox Out Of Water (part 1) by Mechafox (story)
The beginning of the story of Mechaman.
His First Puppy by Bernard Doove (picture)
A cat morph boy gets his first puppy.
Scarf by Diana Harlan Stein (picture)
A chakat poses with hir scarf.
Tzup by MistyStriker (picture)
Portrait of Tzup.
Chaplined by MistyStriker (picture)
A cougar morph has a Chaplin moment.
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