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South Fur Lands

Issue - 46 (September 2007)

South Fur Lands 46 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the forty sixth issue of South Fur Lands. This issue we have a new contributor - Jenner, creator of Doc Rat. Check out what else we have to offer." - Bernard Doove

Cover by Bernard Doove
"Cirini's Beach Stroll"
RivFur Badges by MistyStriker (picture)
Nine colour badges done for Aussie furs.
Profile of a Killer by Dimruthien VerenLaulaja (picture)
Feline femme fatale.
Artica Mario by Michael Thompson (picture)
Artica does a little cosplay.
Danielle & Gazza by Nornhound (picture)
Gazza the roo gives Danielle a piggy-back ride.
Mink Sorceress by Ferret (picture)
A black-furred mink surrounded by the trappings of her craft.
Rikki, Don't Lose That Number! by James L. Brandt (story & pictures)
The people you meet while waiting for a cab!
Mary-Anne's Surprise by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
A vixen in lingerie poses for Chakat Goldendale.
Baskiero by MistyStriker (picture)
Just your regular rugged canine guy.
It's A Jungle Out There by Hagen Cartoons (cartoons)
Mor ecartoons from the pen of Hagen.
Beach Shack by Scrapper BlackDragon (picture)
A vixen must be prepared for anythng in her beach shack.
My Twin Sisters? by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Forestwalker is confronted by an identical twin of hir sister, Goldfur.
Traditional Weapons by Bernard Doove (picture)
A kangaroo fem carrying traditional hunting weapons.
I Know I'm Good by MistyStriker (picture)
But when she's bad, she's better!
Mr Foxy by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
The misadventures of Mr Foxy and the healing cone.
Bloodsport by Dorian (picture)
This lion isn't daunted by a little blood incurred in his boxing match.
The Man And The Fox by Mechafox (story)
A man's sworn duty comes before friendship.
Kittyflop by MistyStriker (picture)
No one can looked more relaxed than a cat!
Bat-eared Foxtaur Vixen by Sara Palmer (picture)
A well-endowed and cute bat-eared foxtaur vixen smiles at you.
Doc Rat by Jenner (comic strips)
Laughter is the best medicine.
Arctic Beauty by Heather Bruton (picture)
This Arctic Foxtaur vixen is quite comfortable in the snow.
Surf Or Die by Scrapper BlackDragon (picture)
The sharks had better watch out for this fem!
Bird & Rider by B_Dog (picture)
An exotic lapin rider and his even more exotic avian mount.
No Way! by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Dale doubts that shi can get through the chakat-sized breakfast.
First Snow by Ursula Husted (picture)
This chakat is pleased to see the first snow of the season.
Kiss by Michael Thompson (picture)
Tigerbear and rabbit share a lovers' kiss.
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