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South Fur Lands

Issue - 44

South Fur Lands 44 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the forty fourth issue of South Fur Lands. This issue's cover is by MistyStriker. Check out what else we have to offer." - Bernard Doove

Cover by MistyStriker
"Oboroten Dorn"
Wemic by Michael Sherman (colour picture)
A well-armed wemic female is ready for trouble.
My Pets by B_Dog (picture)
A skunk girl shows off her pet kitty and dragonet.
Second Life Trio by MistyStriker (picture)
Three characters from a place where you can truly be the furry that you are inside.
AtPaw by Brendan Moore (picture)
Portrait of AtPaw the cheetah.
Mucking Around #4 by Ferret (comic)
There are some things that you just can't explain.
Cybergoth Bingo by Brendan Moore (picture)
Bingo Dingo goes Goth.
Smexy Dave by Michael Thompson (picture)
And he's not wearing pants!
Sunning by MistyStriker (picture)
It's not easy looking this good.
Serena by James L. Brandt (picture)
Black panther femme rests after a hard game of tennis.
Morning by Ferret (picture)
This ringtail femme finds it hard to wake up in the morning.
Vixen Cocktail by Scrapper, Black Dragon (picture)
Waiter! There's a fox in my drink!
MiDFur 8 Review by Scrapper, Black Dragon (report & photos)
The highlights of the eighth annual Melbourne Furmeet held in December 2006.
Special the Bat by Brendan Moore (picture)
A portrait of Special.
Tasmanian Tigertaur by Nornhound (picture)
Long presumed extinct, people still report glimpsing that rarest or rarities.
Excuse Me! by Kyle Evans (picture)
Pardon me a moment!
Nurse Wolfe by Michael Thompson (picture)
Now why didn't I get this nurse when I was in hospital?
One Lap Down by Ferret (comics)
Mayhem on the racing circuit.
Amelia by Falcon (picture)
Portrait of Amelia.
Jayce Iridell by MistyStriker (picture)
That devilish hunk!
Windblown Huskytaur by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
Even with fur, that's a chill wind. This huskytaur bundles up against the breeze.
SillyScaly by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
The continuing adventures of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
An American In Melbourne - Part 2 by Matt McCullar (travelog & photos)
Matt's diary of his travels from Further Confusion to Melbourne, Australia, continues.
Backyard Bathing by Scrapper, Black Dragon (picture)
This foxy lady grabs everyone's attention - even the rubber ducky!
Mucking Around #2 by Ferret (comic)
Great mileage when you convert to natural gas!
It's A Jungle Out There! by Hagen (cartoons)
More laughs from Hagen.
Wolferret Shyness by MistyStriker (picture)
This hybrid lady is shy, but appreciates your looks nonetheless.
Morning Silliness by B_Dog (picture)
The things that you have to put up with even before you get to finish your first cup of coffee!
Chocolate Fox-Fairy by Bernard Doove (colour picture)
The little chocolate-loving fox-fairy is delighted to discover a new flavour of Freddo Frog chocolate treat - Crunchy Frog Surprise. Little does she know that the surprise will be on her!
A Shower After A Bath by Roy D. Pounds II (colour picture)
A foxtaur vixen shakes herself off after a swim, showering passers-by.
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