South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issue - 39

South Fur Lands 39 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the thirty ninth issue of South Fur Lands. This issue's cover is by Zel K with an image that I've been itching to use since before issue 38! Check out what else we have to offer." - Bernard Doove

Cover by Zel K.
Muffin! by MistyStriker (colour picture)
The muffin fiend strikes!.
Arctic Shaman by B_Dog (picture)
Rather self-descriptive actually.
World Goes Mad by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
The full moon rises and werewolves abound.
Cornered by Robin Thompson (picture)
Three alien felinoids, Rosepetal, Zhane and M'Lai, in a tight situation, but far from defeated.
Sillyscaly - part 21 by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
The adventures of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
Polaris by Michael Thompson & AebLofton (picture)
Drink up, boys!
Dragon Assassin by Cesarin the White DraGoN (picture)
A tiger rests after finishing off a dragon.
Proscritos (Part 3) by Falcon (comic story)
Continuing the action with our hero, Falcon.
Motivation by Michael Thompson (picture)
Goldfur provides pretty strong encouragement to draw art contributions.
Monalisasaur by AebLofton (picture)
It's a little known fact that Leonardo da Vinci merely copied from the original triceratops original.
Healer and Dingo Couple by Nornhound (picture)
Don't they make a lovely pair?
Putting On The Moves by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
A newcomer foxtaur tod puts the moves on Pandora who, while flattered, is not interested. Her heart already belongs to another.
Dangerous Beauty by B_Dog (picture)
Sensuous curves and long sharp claws make a fascinating combination.
A Badger's Tale (part 1) by CJ Wolf (story)
A tale of duty, honour, and lost love.
Adele Penguin Poser by Sara Palmer (picture)
Looking smart as ever in his penguin suit.
Kelvintaur by Kelvin the Lion (picture)
Kelvin in his taur form.
Ya Gotta Fix That Squeak by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Two of the Boiler Belles, one driven nearly crazy by a squeak in the machinery. But where is it?
Birthday Wishes by Scrapper, Black Dragon (picture)
What's a birthday without a cake, and a pretty girl to bring it to you?
Caninetaur by Enrico Russo (picture)
A fine handsome taur fellow.
Waiting by Fee the Bunny (picture)
The uncertainty of knowing if he's ever going to come.
I Meet A Fish by Cesarin the White DraGoN (picture)
A cat guy and a fish regard each other.
Mana and Chica Designs by Fox Lee (picture)
How many sloth girls have you ever seen?
Merry Xmas by B_Dog (picture)
Season's greetings for 2005.
Kenuky Self-Portrait by Kenuky (colour picture)
Bust of the sexy pig, Kenuky.
Tummyrub by MistyStriker (colour picture)
This kitty guy invites a scritch.
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