South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issue - 38

South Fur Lands 38 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the thirty eighth issue of South Fur Lands. This issue's cover is by Antonio, an artist who hails from Aruba! Check out what else we have to offer." - Bernard Doove

Cover by Antonio
"Dingo Boomerang Thrower"
Cheetaur with Spear by Michael Sherman (color picture)
A cheetah-taur huntress who doesn't have to rely on just her speed.
Jaguarbie by B_Dog (picture)
Portait of Jaguarbie with a winged friend.
Hunni by Michael Thompson (picture)
Nurse Hunni is ready to take your temperature. Who's first?
Speaking In Bubbles by Caleb "Fee the Bunny" Hughes (picture)
Kangaroo lady in the Dreamtime.
Chakat Mythril by Megan Giles (picture)
A portrait of Chakat Mythril.
Hello, Dragonfly by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
Lounging nude jaguar girl greets a dragonfly that has perched on her nose.
Cirini's Stroll by Bernard Doove (picture)
Cirini, the wolftaur navigator from the Apollo 9 crew, takes a casual stroll while on shore leave.
Proscritos (Part 2) by Falcon (comic story)
Continuing the action begun last issue.
Wolftaur Schoolgirl by Enrico (Opal Weasel) Russo (picture)
A pretty young wolftaur girl in her school uniform top, bounds along happily.
Motherly Pride, Brotherly Love by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
A tribal lion mother-to-be, proudly lets her young son listen at her gravid belly. Even yet unborn, the boy eagerly awaits his new brother or sister.
Scavenger by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
A coyotetaur scurries off with his scavenged goods, nervously looking over his shoulder.
Waiting by B_Dog (picture)
A pensive girl waits by her letterbox for someone.
Squee! by MistyStriker (picture)
An excited feline girl dances in joy.
Sillyscaly - parts 19 & 20 by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
The adventures of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
Tales of the Tai'far - part 11 by Terry Bailey (story)
Part 11 of the story concludes the clash of Yuira and the heroes as told previously by Anthony Wain.
Smoke by Tokes (picture)
Nothing like being completely armed for action while chomping on a cigar!
Tio Peacocked by Michael Thompson (picture)
Tio the kitsune in a maid's uniform, with her tails spread like a peacock's behind her.
Estelle Pauses by Scrapper, Black Dragon (picture)
Estelle pauses a moment during her strenuous training.
Boardwalk by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Tim thought that it was just going to be another sunny day on the boardwalk. At least, that was until a rather friendly sphinx turned up!
Why Me? by Longtail (picture)
Chakat Goldfur, moonlighting in the Apollo 9 Universe, despairs of ever being able to repair the cobbled-together craft.
Golden Cat-taur by Heather Bruton (picture)
A gorgeous Golden Cat-taur lounges about in her jungle home.
Bikini Cougar by B_Dog (picture)
A cougar girl in her bikini, enjoying the day.
Puma Shaman by Michael Sherman (picture)
Portrait of a puma shaman working a bit of magic.
Ringtailtaur by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
One of the rarer taur species, a ringtailtaur girl.
Verna Riverwind by Fox Lee (picture)
Portrait of Verna Riverwind, a character from Destiny's Gate.
Dancing by MistyStriker (picture)
Unicorn femme dances up a storm.
Mallek, Jallor & Rikal by Roy D. Pounds II (picture)
Playful foxtaur kits, the triplet sons of Garrek and Malena.
Anubis by Kenuky ( colour picture)
Anubis, buff and imposing.
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