South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issue - 35

South Fur Lands 35 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the thirty fifth issue of South Fur Lands! This issue's cover is by Jaffa Ferel, an artist who is making quite a splash in SFL lately. Check out what else we have to offer!" - Bernard Doove

Cover by Jaffa Ferel.
"Pandai Sandy Paws"
Xmas Kitty Boy by Peta Hewitt (colour pic)
Anime kitty boy celebrates Christmas.
Jeri - Sly and Tasty by Jaffa Ferel (pic)
A vixen makes her bid for page one girl of the year.
Completely Bats! by Longtail (pic)
Zooey of the crew is odd by anyone's standard! The rest of the crew just thinks Zooey is batty.
Fishing Rod by Lothar Renz (pic)
Something fishy about this activity.
Trade Ya! by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
A young Stellar Foxtaur offers to barter a grawg for lollipops. Savannah isn't delighted at the idea.
Zee Archer by Ric Quiroz (pic)
Zebra centaur archer ready for action.
Sic 'em! by Zel K. (pic)
Always be careful of little guys. They may have big pets!
Macropod by Flinthoof (pic)
Here's why kangaroos got their name.
Sillscaly by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
Part 16 of the tale of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
Pre-flight Stretches by Tallulah Cunningham (pic)
A griffin prepares for a night flight.
Welcoming the New Visitor by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
The meerkat clan honours its strange visitor.
Fredric by Michael Thompson (pic)
A depressed looking fox guy.
Father & Son Christmas by Bernard Doove (pic)
Wyatt and his his firstborn child enjoy the joys of Christmas morning.
Starwalker Stellar Foxtaur by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
The seventh breed of Stellar Foxtaur which specialises in extraplanetary environments.
Gumming Up The Works by Longtail (pic)
Chakat Goldfur encounters a sticky problem when called in to help repair the Apollo 9's systems.
Stargazer by Stephen Doerr (pic)
The grandchild of Admiral Kline and Chakat Midnight, this lovely sexy cougarmorph has a special secret.
Jenniah Alabasta by Michael Thompson (pic)
Perky kitty lady.
Millie's Little Problem by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Finding a problem is one thing, fixing it is another.
Zee Centaur by Ric Quiroz (pic)
A sexy zebra centaur.
Shival and Siberian Dingo by Siberian Dingo (pic)
Shival and his companion.
Soft White Yuki-chan by Michael Sherman (pic)
Feline warrior maid.
Tales of the Tai'Far by Anthony Wain (story)
Part 8 of the story of the rebirth of Yuira and the troubles she causes.
Coral Snake Girl by Steve Corbett (pic)
Even a snake can be sexy.
Counting Down by Flinthoof (pic)
Not too many restaurants left that Kandace and Dragan haven't been banned from!
It's A Jungle Out There! by Hagen Cartoons (cartoons)
More laughs from the pen of cartoonist Hagen.
Chibi Fox by Fox Lee (pic)
A chibi fox catches up on reading.
Pumataur by Michael Sherman (pic)
A female pumataur goes out hunting armed with a spear.
Roo Jump by Flinthoof (pic)
An anthro roo can still jump with the best of them.
Platypus Biker by Zel K. (pic)
Your blood chills to see the infamous platypus biker on the road.
Tundra Stellar Foxtaur by Dark Natasha (pic)
Tundra, the Polar breed of Stellar Foxtaur.
Little Sun Worshipper by Lothar Renz (colour pic)
As a kitten, Goldfur always knew where the best sunbeams were.
La'aya Keeps Warm by Michael Sherman (colour pic)
Even taurs need to dress warmly occasionally.
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