South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issue - 34

South Fur Lands 34 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the thirty fourth issue of South Fur Lands! This issue's cover is by a friend who lives only about half an hour from me - Oz Kangaroo. Check out what else we have to offer!" - Bernard Doove

Cover by Oz Kangaroo.
Playful 'Rissa by Jaffa Ferel (colour pic)
This pretty kitty is a potential new mascot for SFL.
Thylacine Girl by Zel K. (pic)
If thylacines had been this sexy in our universe, they'd have never gone extinct!
Shinto by Fox Lee (pic)
Furbidden Realms: Shinto. Formerly an assassin of the demonic Shinrui, Shinto fled when his Mistress was killed, and somehow wound up in the company of Alain, the rogue priest.
Boer War by Chris Evans (pic)
Fox soldier in Boer War era outfit.
Tales of the Tai'Far by Anthony Wain (story)
Part 7 of the story of the rebirth of Yuira and the troubles she causes.
Quoll Hunting: Afterword by Lothar Renz (pic)
Afterword on the Quoll Hunting, Chakat Style episode of the previous issue.
Bilby by Zel K. (pic)
A bilby riding his faithful steed... a kiwi!
Quoll Scout by Swiftrat (pic)
A native quoll hunter and scout.
Artica: Summer Time by Michael Thompson (pic)
The Arctic fox, Artica, in her bikini. (Character © Shawntae Howard)
What Would Vitus Do? by Drhoz! (story)
Acerbic words of wisdom.
Bookshelf Bat by Michael Sherman (pic)
A tiny morphic bat lounges on a bookend.
Crocodile Dude by Lothar Renz (pic)
Beware of yellow-eyed trees!
Kitty & Me, and Fishy Makes Three by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Everyone makes themselves at home in a new apartment.
Stacy Otter by Steve Corbett (pic)
Stacy shows off her new swimsuit.
That'll Teach You! by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Practising firecasting spells unsupervised is not a good idea.
Red Panda Dancer by Steve Corbett (pic)
A red panda harem dancer performs for you.
Alain by Fox Lee (pic)
Furbidden Realms: Alain is a wandering canine priest with a shotgun and a penchant for black.
SillyScaly by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
Parts 13, 14 & 15 of the tale of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
It's A Jungle Out There! by Hagen Cartoons (cartoons)
More laughs from the pen of cartoonist Hagen.
Zzzzz by Michael Thompson (pic)
The People's Furry zonks out.
Coin by Fox Lee (pic)
Furbidden Realms: Coin. Part of the Shinrui, a demonic race inhabiting the caverns below the mountains of Kyuuten, Coin (Koinu) is a ninja-like assassin. He's currently tracking his former rival, the now bounty-bearing Shinto.
Foxtaur Family Poses by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Simple designs of various foxtaur poses.
Shadow by Michael Sherman (pic)
Aptly named black cat.
No Worries by Lothar Renz (pic)
Caught in a flood? This roo knows what to do!
Cattaur Spellcaster by Michael Sherman (pic)
A cat centaur casts a spell.
Waiting Harem Vixen by Steve Corbett (pic)
This vixen is waiting for somebody. Is it you?
Sacha by Fox Lee (pic)
Furbidden Realms: Sacha. Fox Lee's idea of a pun, making a (crossdressing) French Maid out of a French Poodle.
Rooftop Redux by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Some of Roy's familiar characters recreate a famous scene.
Allow Me To Introduce... by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
A team powered mecha makes quite an impression.
Caitian Communications Officer by Bernard Doove (pic)
The Caitian officer announces some important information.
Ranch Hand by Michael Sherman (colour pic)
This kitty is dressed in her finest ranch-hand clothing.
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