South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issue - 33

South Fur Lands 33 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the thirty third issue of South Fur Lands! This issue's cover is by a great artist and good friend - Kacey Maltzman. Check out what else we have to offer!" - Bernard Doove

Cover by Kacey Maltzman.
"Vienna's Jacuzzi"
Quoll Hunting by Lothar Renz (colour pic)
The prelude to an altercation between a chakat and quolls.
Tazzy Strikes Again by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Practical joker, Tazzy, plays a prank on one of the other Boiler Belles.
Copperquoll by Ayame (pic)
A quoll femme and a crocodile enact the classic pose.
Quoll Hunting - chapter 1 by Lothar Renz (pic)
Anubis somehow gets mixed up in the chakat's quoll hunt.
SillyScaly by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
Parts 11 & 12 of the tale of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
Tales of the Tai'Far by Anthony Wain (story)
Part 6 of the story of the rebirth of Yuira and the troubles she causes.
Growing Up Garetta Style by Roy D. Pounds II (pics)
Follow a Garetta vixen from birth to old age.
Beach Girl by Michael Sherman (pic)
A kitty on the beach.
Quoll Hunting - chapter 2 by Lothar Renz (pic)
The quoll hunter turns into the hunted.
All Wet by Michael Thompson (pic)
Okay, who shook that can of soda?
The Phone Call by Zel K (story & pic)
A werewolf's dilemma.
Plink! by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
A non-morphic fox is startled by a violin.
Off-Duty by Bernard Doove (pic)
Chakat Syzygy's bathtime gets interrupted... again!
Told You So! by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
An elderly Garetta vixen proves herself correct.
Foxtaur Tod by Enrico Russo (pic)
Handsome foxtaur tod smiles at you.
Fishing by Zel K. (pic)
Catching a platypus wasn't exactly the idea.
Soothing the Savage Beast by Swiftrat (pic)
Mousey music for the horned tiger.
Under the Shade of the Coolibah Tree by Lemurkat (pic)
More quolls, this time enacting the scene from the classic Australian song.
It's A Jungle Out There! by Hagen Cartoons (cartoons)
More laughs from the pen of cartoonist Hagen.
An Appointment by Juzbunny. (story)
Short story with an illustration by Roy D. Pounds II.
Oz Handstand by Oz Kangaroo (pic)
Oz does a handstand. What else?
Cat Centaur by Michael Sherman (pic)
Pretty cat centaur showing off.
Quoll Hunting - chapter 3 by Lothar Renz (pic)
Now Super Collie gets involved in the quoll hunt.
Travellers by Swiftrat (pic)
Two travelling weres enjoying their territory.
Brushytail 2 by Zel K. (pic)
Brushtail possum caught at an unphotogenic moment.
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