South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issue - 31

South Fur Lands 31 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the thirty first issue of South Fur Lands! This issue's cover is by a new contributor - Zel K., who also has another piece inside. Check out what else we have to offer!" - Bernard Doove

Cover by Zel K.
"Leafy Seadragon Lady"
Bite-Me Girl by Fox Lee (pic)
A chibi fox girl with attitude.
Greytail by Hayden McDonald (additional colour by Bernard Doove) (pic)
Chakat Greytail falls asleep on the couch after a hard day at work.
Autumn Fox by Shadow 5-tails (pic)
Contents page guardian.
Spooky by Peta Hewitt (pic)
A gorgeous cat lady.
Silverwind by B_Dog (pic)
Portrait of the snow leopardess, Silverwind.
Jeans-taur by Enrico Russo (Opal Weasel) (pic)
Who said taurs can't wear trousers?
Fragments of Fiction by Tallulah Cunningham (pic)
A collage of fantasy characters.
Looking To The Future by Bernard Doove (pic)
Chakat Amber stands atop a mountain surveying the beautiful landscape of the world shi and hir fellow colonists are exploring.
The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight by Steven Biondo (story)
A tale of music, love and duty.
Kitty Boy by Anna-Karin Larsson (pic)
A handsome feline lad.
Wolftaur Guard by Enrico Russo (Opal Weasel) (pic)
A wolftaur warrior bitch stands guard with hir weapon.
Little Cub Lost by Roy D. Pounds II (pictures)
A story in pictures - seven images of how Eudora, child of Goldfur and Garrek, gets lost on an alien world, only to encounter the Garetta, a foxtaur race established on that world by colonists in the distant past.
Tales of the Tai'far by Anthony Wain (story)
Part 4 of the story of the rebirth of Yuira and the troubles she causes.
Jarri Shark Epilogue by Lothar Renz (pic)
A fitting end to an encounter between a shark and a tigress.
Scamps Slave by Scamps Darkflame (pic)
Scamps in her best slave girl outfit.
SillyScaly by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
Part 6 & 7 of the tale of Marvin, the hapless raptor.
Chihuahua Girl by Peta Hewitt (pic)
A pretty chihuahua girl shows off her bow.
Liarana & Nielana by Fox Lee (pic)
Two fox femmes.
Kangaroo Dude by Zel K. (pic)
Interesting portrait of a male roo.
Artistic Pause by Shadow 5-tails (pic)
The artist pauses to let you look at his work.
Happy New Year 2004 by Michael Thompson (pic)
New Year's wishes from The People's Furry.
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