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South Fur Lands

Issues - 29

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the twenty-ninth issue of South Fur Lands! Yet another issue under my belt. This is the tenth regular issue, or twelve altogether counting the Annuals, so I just had to have my own art on the cover! Well, actually, I'd just finished a great piece and thought it would work well for the cover art. I hope you like it." - Bernard Doove

Cover by Bernard Doove
"In The Fields" - Chakat Bluestripe is ready to quit work after a long, hot and dusty day in the farm fields.
Palomino Dancer by Peta Hewitt (pic)
A beautiful palomino lass dances with the joy of life.
Sally Ermine by Enrico Russo (pic)
Sally poses for the contents page.
Kiyraka by Michael Thompson (pic)
Sassy kitsune.
Out On The Town by Peta Hewitt (pic)
A scaley and a furry, out for a night on the town.
Super Sailor Collie by Terry Knight (pic)
When you have to work in Japan, you also have to deal with typical Japanese problems too.
Blind Elk Café by Drhoz! (pic)
Why? We've got no idea!
Maypole Garrek by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
The troubles that you have when dealing with triplet fox kits!
Tales of the Tai'far by Anthony Wain (story)
Part 2 of the story of the rebirth of Yuira.
OzFurry Bunny by Fox Lee (pic)
Bunny design for the OzFurry T-shirt.
OzFurry Tiger by Bernard Doove (pic)
Tiger design for the OzFurry T-shirt.
Lionus Teddy by Michael Thompson (pic)
Lionus as a teddy.
Laidback Roo by Oz Kangaroo (pic)
A cool and laidback individual.
It's A jungle Out There! Hagen Cartoons (cartoon)
Cartoons with an Aussie flavour.
SillyScaly by Marvin T. Raptor (comic)
Parts 2 & 3 of the Otherside Of The World series.
Linnell, Ferrin & Baltor by Fox Lee (pic)
Character pics from the Furbidden Realms.
Two Stories by Drhoz! (story)
A tale told in two time periods.
Chakat Longstocking by Yoshi (pic)
Longstocking dances at a luau.
Patrick by Silverblue the Gothbunny (pic)
A goth bloke.
Wemic by Drhoz! (pic)
A wemic twists around even while at full gallop.
Super Collie-taur by Terry Knight (pic)
Now you're getting ridiculous!
Den With Axe by Fox Lee (pic)
A dangerous hyena warrior.
Minotaur by Drhoz! (pic)
Bust of a impressive minotaur.
Ping Pong by Katherine Phelps (story)
A rubber ducky runs amok!
OzFurry Fox by Fox Lee (pic)
Fox design for the OzFurry T-shirt.
Leaning by Michael Thompson (pic)
The People's Furry leans casually up against the page.
Blown Away by Roy D. Pounds II (pic)
Red Shetland relates a story of an unusual defeat.
De Cape et de Crocs - Update by Fred Patten (article)
An update on the graphic novel.
ANZAC Day by Terry Knight (pic)
Super Collie pays tribute to the soldiers of the ANZAC corps.
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