South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issues - 20

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From the Editor:

"Welcome to the twentieth issue of South Fur Lands! Whew! You don't know how glad I am to be able to say that. After making the offer to Jason to take over the production of the zine, the next thought that I had was "I must be crazy!" - Bernard Doove

Cover by Brenden Smith
A female 'roo hammers down the road.
Napaltjarri by Silverblue (pic)
A platypus swims through her river.
Artica by Michael Thompson (pic)
Shawntae Howard's renowned wolf
Chakat Snowflake by Terry Knight (pic)
From 'Star Dancer' in the Chakat Universe
Dr Cymbelline Lathasar by Terry Knight (pic)
The Egyptologist from Te Papa.
Tools of the Trade by Silverblue (pic)
A thievish native mouse selects the appropriate lock pick.
Never an Absolution by Anthony Wain (story)
A fantasy tale of the destruction of a peaceful community.
Nightshade by Silverwind (pic)
An attractive winged male furry with leonine attributes.
Fish! by Silverwind (pic)
A beach miaow is really excited about her catch.
Be Careful Where you Draw by Kelvin the Lion (cartoon)
Roos! Mmm. Roos. Mmm. Godzilla.
Possum by Stephenie Kalff (pic)
A sardonic looking possum.
One, Two, Three by Doc Werewolf (story)
The story of Lttr and his people as they seek a cure.
Dingo Huntress by Enrico Russo (pic)
A tribal furry femme with an Australian flavour.
Foxtaur Fem by Enrico Russo (pic)
If foxtaur vixens happen to be a trifle vain, who can they they don't have the right to be?
Furry Bodies by Drhoz (comic)
Furry Bodies continues in another episode! Aliens! Furries!
Kissing up to Goldfur by Michael Thompson (pic)
Michael makes his allegiance known.
Morra by Steve Corbett (pic)
A lovely fox lady glances towards the viewer.
Torval by Steve Corbett (pic)
A resolute badger guard.
I, Gerbil by W.M. Cooney (story)
"This is the story of a gerbil named Bevan..."
Illustrations by Katherine Phelps (pic)
Illustrations for the story, oh my!
Close that Door! by Brendan Moore (pic)
"You will close that door now! And destroy that camera too!"
Windswept Huntress by Bernard Doove (pic)
A foxtaur huntress pauses to enjoy the breeze in her fur while standing on a windswept hillside.
Was Sie beim Gebrauch einer Angel beachten sollten by Lothar Reuz (pic)
What you should take account of when using a fishing rod.
Lounging Chakat by Silverwind (pic)
A chakat brushes her fur...
Backcover by Silverblue (pic)
An African Hunting dog relaxes amongst the grass.
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