South Fur Lands
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South Fur Lands

Issues - 18

South Fur Lands 18From the Editor:

"The good thing about fanzines, including SFL, is that your work has to be passed by the editor of the 'zine as being suitable for publication. And the bar I imagine is quite a bit higher than for a website: primarily because people usually pay money for a copy of a fanzine, and also because a fanzine is permanent in a way that can only occur for a website if the owner runs the server. The editor of a fanzine has more of an interest in quality, or else he or she is going to be stuck with loads of copies that no-one wants to buy, and the 'zine he or she has put so much work in is regarded as no better than budige-cage liner." - Terry Knight


Welcome to my Nightmare by Silverblue


Phykos by Daniel Heald
Macabre by Silverblue
Ketta Greets the Sunrise by Bernard Doove
Butterfly by Bernard Doove
Y Roo K by Michael Thompson
Lieutenant Plum Yayin by Bernard Doove
Goldfur's T-shirt by Michael Thompson
Chance Meeting by Scale
Tasha by Terry Knight
Trick Shot by Lonnie DiNello



Dumpsters by Ryan McConigley
To Every Season... by Terry Knight
The Saga of Shattercrack by Belinda Kelly
Billed by Nicholas Frampton


Furry Bodies by Daniel Heald


Foxville Tales by Angela Beaman
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