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South Fur Lands

Issue - Annual 2006 (Sex & Violence #8)

South Fur Lands Annual 2006 - Click here for larger image!

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From the Editor:

"The eighth annual Sex & Violence adults-only edition of South Fur Lands features a sexy cover by Fox Lee, with plenty of other art and stories inside. There's something for everyone, whether you like hetero, bisexual, gay or herm, bipedal or taur!" - Bernard Doove

Cover by Fox Lee
"Freya" – Ready to rock your world!
Misty Porn by MistyStriker (colour picture)
Misty shows it all for you.
Tasmanian Angel by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
This Tasmanian Devil is no angel!
Hiewyn by Fox Lee (picture)
Topless portrait of Hiewyn.
Ginger by Michael Thompson (picture)
Ginger is one sexy statuesque giraffe.
Doetaur by Opal Weasel (picture)
Portrait of a deer centaur.
Looking At Me by Scrapper BlackDragon (picture)
A very foxy vien with perky boobs.
C'mon Give Me A Kiss by Cesarin the White DraGoN (picture)
A lion morph coaxes a shy rabbit morph.
The Beating Of My Heart by Marcwolf (story)
A young man is used and betrayed.
Terra by Steve Corbett (picture)
Portrait of a badger fem.
Karen Foxpaws by Michael Thompson (picture)
Herm fox with an aching desire.
Racey Memory by Zephery Hughes (comic)
Two female archeologists awake the power of an ancient temple.
Aware by Marcwolf (story)
A car accident story of true horror.
Otter Pool by Cesarin the White DraGoN (picture)
So why would an otter need bathing shorts?
Incubi by MistyStriker (picture)
Portrait of Incubi in his leather harness.
Time To Brush The Kitty by James L> Brandt (picture)
Goldfur's pelt needs brushing. Care to volunteer?
Polaris Snowbear by Michael Thompson & Abe Lofton (picture)
Sunbathing in the Arctic wilderness.
Fox Job by Steve Corbett (picture)
A vixen in bondage gives her mate a head job.
Repent, Evildoer! by Talen Lee (story)
It was her mission to save the misguided, but she had some lessons of her own to learn.
Fox Hunt by Bernard Doove (picture)
This is one vixen that doesn't mind being caught by the dog!
Putting On The Ritz by Kacey Miyagami (picture)
This wolf fem steps out in style with her top hat, garter, cane, and... well that's it actually.
Playful Submissiveness by Swiftrat (colour picture)
A herm sabre-toothed cat displays playfully.
Centauress by Opal Weasel (colour picture)
A blonde haired centaur filly.
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