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 Places to go...

Some sites I recomment, in no particular order...

Buddies in Big Places

A strange and disturbing little comic drawn by my friend, Seth C. Triggs


A fun and furry free on line MMORPG. A fun place to role play and hang out that I have been involved with for 10 years now! Look from me there as Michael-TPF

Fur Affinity

A fun archive community for artist and art lovers. Most of my art is listed here.

South Fur Lands

Australia's premiere furry fanzine. I have been in this pretty much ever since I started drawing, way back in issue 8!

The Extinctioners

A wonderful comic starring a cast of furry super heroes, including the lovely Artica, doing what they can to save their world from alien invaders. Drawn by my friend, Shawntae Howard.


Text-based furry role play at it's best. Anyone is who is anyone in the fandom probably started here...


My client of choice for connectting to FurryMUCK and Tapestries.

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