You know you're a furry fan when...

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Version 1.7 (February 2002)

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Okay, what is a YKYAFFW, you ask? Well, it's a tongue-in-cheek listing of all the tell-tale (or should that be 'tell-tail'? ) signs that you are a fan of furry/anthropomorphic/funny animal characters... in other words, a furry fan!

It was originally compiled from a message thread on the OzFurry email list, and was first posted to the newsgroup around October 1995. Subsequent versions have had additional entries collated from a.f.f posts and email, as well as anything else I could find or think up at the time :)

Many thanks to all the contributors, past and present. You know who you are.

You know you're a 'Furry Fan' when...

Please note that contributions to this list are no longer being accepted (the barrel has well and truly been scraped on this one). Thanks to all who have contributed in the past.

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