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  • John R. Plunkett's Literary Art page is the repository of (among other things) of the story "Star Dancer", a very good story set in Bernard Doove's Chakat universe. One of the best amateur writers in the furry genre I've seen.

  • If you've been around furry fandom for a while you've probably heard of Simon Barber, one of the most prolific European furry artists. Hailing from Ilkely in Yorkshire, England, Simon's artistic style is quite unique, not to mention some of his subject matter :) He doesn't have a webpage at present, but you can find his artwork and stories (in particular those based in Toho Academy, a furry/anime/Lovecraftian horror/pulp SF/Famous Five satirical universe - yes, it can be that strange) at his VCL index. In Simon's own words, "Such a sick puppy, the R.S.P.C.A. raise funds for me..."

  • Anbessas Gallery - Lothar Renz from Germany.
  • "Fifine" - a French furry parody and tribute to Herge's "Tintin" comics by Normazan, done in the same style as the original. Highly recommended!
  • Spontoon Island - A "shared furry universe" set in a 1930's era of seaplanes and Pacific Islands, created by Ken Fletcher. Artists and writers such as Ken himself, Richard Bartrop, Simon Barber, and Lauri Gerholtz combine to create a setting that's a cross between "TailSpin" and "Indiana Jones".
  • Rabbit Valley Books - Probably THE best Internet-based furry publication shop around. On-line ordering, excellent products, credit cards accepted, good service and order turnaround make this a very good port of call for your  purchase of furry comics and artwork. They were even able to get my order to me in Japan once without any problems, so they must be good! 

  • "Code Name: Hunter" is a very good furry comic serial that I've recently discovered. Now in full colour comic-size pages, I highly recommend this.
  • Union Furry Argentina A bunch of furry artists from Argentina, including "Zorro Re", can be found here. Non-Spanish speakers may wish to use Babelfish to read this site. There is some adult-type content in places here, you have been warned.

Useful Stuff

Interesting Stuff

  • 164 Currency Converter by OANDA. Very handy for all those international currency conversions. 

  • MetroPlanet - a guide to many suburban rail systems around the world, handy if you're travelling. Includes the London Underground, the Tokyo subway, the Melbourne rail system and the Manila transit system so it's pretty comprehensive.

  • STUFF - New Zealand Independant Newspapers, including The Dominion-Post and the Christchurch Press. 

  • GIMP For Windows - installers and documentation for an open-source (FREE!) Photoshop-like graphics application. If you need something more powerful than MS Paint or the freebie graphics apps you get with scanners and so forth, yet don't have a Bill Gates-like spending budget (or like me, are a tight-arse when it comes to paying for software :) ) then I highly recommend giving GIMP a go. It works on Linux and the Mac too, I believe...

  • Encyclopaedia Astronautica - a truly excellent site, highly recommended! Find out about things like the Soviet secret Moon landing plans and orbiting battle stations, South African satellite launchers, and never-built variants of the American Saturn 5 moon rocket! And much more!
  • THUNDER AND LIGHTNINGS - a very good site on British post-WW2 military aircraft, including the Hadley-Page Victor bomber, the English Electric Lightning Mach-2 fighter, and the de Havilland Sea Vixen carrier-borne fighter. Especially interesting for the photos of a near-miss by an Avro Vulcan bomber at the opening of Wellington Airport in 1959.
  • NZ Diesels and Electric Traction - information on New Zealand rail diesel and electric locomotives and passenger multiple units. Just how old ARE the commuter units on the Johnsonville line?
  • AIRLINERS.NET - If you're a aircraft nut, this is the place to go for great photos of aircraft of all types, as well as discussions on the latest happenings in the airline industry. Just don't start another "Airbus vs. Boeing" thread!

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