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On this page are some WWW links of furry-related interest I've found. I've also got a list of general links too!

What I've tried to do here is instead of posting a huge swag of links with no information in them, is to give you a bit more of a idea or review as to what's at the other end. In other words, quality not quantity (hopefully!)
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General furriness 

  • What is a Furry? For the "definitive" answer (as far as it can be agreed upon), this is a good place to start. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Furry Fandom are answered on PeterCat's Furry InfoPage: All the FAQs. This includes the answers to questions as to where you can obtain - 
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[The World of Vicki Fox]

The OzFoxes FoxWeb

  • Furry fanzines! A list of available amateur anthropomorphic-themed fanzines, including the first Australasian furry fanzine South Fur Lands. 
  • "The World of Vicki Fox" - A weekly comic strip written by Mike Russell and drawn by Laura Howell - well worth a look.
  •, the European furry Internet site. Home of many Eurofur homepages, including Lutra whom I met at Eurofurence 3 and 7. 
  • Yiffle - An index of links to furry sites, pretty comprehensive, covering everything from stories and artwork to mailing lists and books. 
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  • Furry Music Foundation. Check out the Furry Fantasies CD - very good, and a steal at 20DM! And it looks like there's a new CD out... 
  • Mailbox Books - Probably THE best Internet-based furry publication shop around. On-line ordering, excellent products, credit cards accepted, good service and order turnaround make this a very good port of call for your  purchase of furry comics and artwork. They were even able to get my order to me in Japan once without any problems, so they must be good! 

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Artists etc 

This is a list of some artists whose styles I particularly enjoy, and in some cases have been influenced by. Check them out! 
  • Michael Pena (aka Sparrow) has a very distinctive style to his furry artwork, which is unlike anything I've ever seen before in the furry genre. Well worth a look - I'm sure you won't be disappointed! 
  • Antti Remes - Brilliant artist! Very fine ink shading in black-and-white makes his work a real treat to the eye. I had the pleasure of meeting Antti personally at Eurofurence 3 in 1997. 
  • Another European artist I have discovered of late is Bhavesh Patel (Bhavpfox) from London, England. A nice cartoony art style. You can see his art at either his homepage or his VCL index.
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  • John R. Plunkett's Literary Art page is the repository of (among other things) of the story "Star Dancer", a very good story set in Bernard Doove's Chakat universe. One of the best amateur writers in the furry genre I've seen. 
  • Greg Howell, as well as being the author of "The Human Memoirs", "Godsend" and "Light on Shattered Water" stories posted to, is also a very good artist. Greg's homepage contains some excellent examples of the work he's done - well worth checking out. 
  • "Fifine" - a French furry parody and tribute to Herge's "Tintin" comics by Normazan, done in the same style as the original. Highly recommended! 
  • If you've been around furry fandom for a while you've probably heard of Simon Barber, one of the most prolific European furry artists. Hailing from Ilkely in Yorkshire, England, Simon's artistic style is quite unique, not to mention some of his subject matter :) He doesn't have a webpage at present, but you can find his artwork and stories (in particular those based in Toho Academy, a furry/anime/Lovecraftian horror/pulp SF/Famous Five satirical universe - yes, it can be that strange) at his VCL index. In Simon's own words, "Such a sick puppy, the R.S.P.C.A. raise funds for me..."

[Eric Schwartz]

YERF Art Gallery


  • "Scale" - He's an Italian furry artist with a very soft pencilling and drawing style that looks really good. Worth seeing! 
  • Ken Sample (aka Da Coug'r) - Another really good artist. Specialises in pinup type illustrations, very good detail and "smashing" characters... *hehee* 
  • Orlando Furry Archives - An archive site of many artists, similar to Yerf but with looser restriction on content (means: there's some adult-oriented stuff appearing here). 
  • ComicsRunner is an index of furry comic strips and related projects, including "Kevin and Kell", "Suburban Jungle", "Dela the Hooda", "Sabrina Online" and "Fifine" among others. An excellent central navigation point for your morning furry comic fix :) 
  • Joe Ekaitis's Anthropomorphic Animal Art - for those with a liking for baaaad puns and cartoons! 
  • Spontoon Island - A "shared furry universe" set in a 1930's era of seaplanes and Pacific Islands, created by Ken Fletcher. Artists and writers such as Ken himself, Richard Bartrop, Simon Barber, Lauri Gerholtz combine to create a setting that's a cross between "TailSpin" and "Indiana Jones".
  • XianJaguar - A  talented female furry artist in the US, XianJaguar produces some very nice inked and coloured artwork. Certainly someone to watch :) 
  • For a different perspective to furry artwork, have a look at the work of some Japanese furry artists including Ken Singshow and Kitsune Inokuma at the Fang archive. Be aware that most of these sites are Japanese language only, but the art is well worth a look. 
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[Mia's Furry Story Archive]

Additional Resource 

  • Bioinfo Animal Pictures Archive - While this isn't strictly a "furry" link, this site has heaps and HEAPS of animal pictures for use as models. Not only that, it has a pretty useable search engine as well, so you can find that critter you were after for your next picture. 

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