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In-depth Articles

A rant on the US Iraq prisoner abuses
How to survive long-haul flying
Best and Worst Airports and Airlines
The War on Terror and American Media
Fandom - "Burned Fur", "Frozen Fur"... who gives a toss!
Gun-happy Americans: don't get me started! (my most commented on article)
Rant: The piece of England that passeth all understanding
Rant: The Great American Visitor Tax Rip-off

General Observations on...

Furry Fandom

Comment of the moment: What's the difference between "The Da Vinci Code" and the Bible?
One is a fantastical work of fiction written around historical events
which requires the reader to greatly suspend disbelief...
and the other is a best-selling novel by Dan Brown.

Or: People who read "The Da Vinci Code" know it's fiction!

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