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Updated December 2001
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As you might have guessed by now, I've tried my hand at story writing as well as art, and here's a few that I think are good enough to be available for general perusal. I also have some more adults-only material in a separate area to the main stuff.

And yes, they're furry-themed as well :) Not that I couldn't do fiction with more 'normal' human characters, but I've always had a leaning towards SF, and furries make great aliens!

[Book]The following stories are in HTML format. Plain text versions are available upon request. Comments about the stories (reasons for writing, inspiration, other interesting tidbits) are also available.

All stories except for "The Gambit Solution" copyright © 1995, 2001 Terry Knight, all rights reserved. Email me for further information regarding publishing. "The Gambit Solution" jointly copyright © 1998 Terry Knight and Grant Preston. 


Completed Stories 

The Lonely Stellar Guide to Chakona Planning your next interstellar holiday? Check out the latest travel guide for Chakona, homeworld of the Chakat race!
To Every Season (mature) A look into the life and times of an aging Chakat, as seen from hir viewpoint.
Furry Awakening In a post-apocalyptic world, a father relives the history of his race as he prepares to tell the story to his first-born cub.
My Flatmate Kathy Set in an alternate future, a young man gains a most unusual flatmate, and discovers that friendship knows no boundaries.
A Pelt to Dye For A silly story with a surprise in the tail :)
Boo-bylon 5 A short crossover between Babylon 5 and Animaniacs. What is the truth behind Ambassador Kosh?
Lost (mature, 13 chapters) When blown through a spatial anomaly into an uncharted region of the galaxy, MayFurr and Ranthe (two characters from FurryMUCK) find themselves marooned on a planet far from home. Chakona, an earth-like world, is colonised by an intelligent feline centaur-like race known as Chakats, and it isn't long before the two lost vulpine spacefarers encounter this unusual society. Can MayFurr and Ranthe ever find their way home again? 

"Lost" is suggested for mature readers only, due to mild sexual depictions in the story. Follow the links at the foot of each chapter to the next.

Academy Tails: Orientation  A young man starting on his first day at the Cape York Space Academy meets a very unusual fellow student! 

This is a 'prequel' history to two of the characters from "Lost", Captain Walker and Chakat Commander Dawnfire. See the Notes for more info.

The Gambit Solution (3 chapters) After their return to Furryspace from Chakona, MayFurr and Ranthe meet new faces and become involved in a desperate fight against a powerful foe... 

A sequel to "Lost". Follow the links at the foot of each chapter to the next. See the Notes for more info. This story written jointly between Terry Knight and Grant Preston. See chapter 3 for a full copyright list.

 [New!] Super Collie Filk: "World of Confusion" Marking the events of and fallout from September 11th 2001, based on the Genesis song "Land of Confusion".
(Music video-like commentary included at no extra charge)


Stories Under Construction 

These stories are incomplete, and subject to change without warning.
Scent of a Rose While on patrol around Dreamstar Station in Furryspace, MayFurr and Ranthe discover a drifting lifepod that holds a mysterious stranger - whose arrival provokes events that could disrupt some lives forever... 

A sequel to "The Gambit Solution". Tamara Fox © Rommel Ignacio, misc Dreamstar characters © Brett Tamahori, used with permission.

Look! Out in the pasture! (Introduction)

(You may also wish to visit John's site for more Super Collie stories.)

Faster than a speeding farmbike! More powerful than "Federated Farmers"! Able to muster entire flocks in a single bound! It's - Super Collie

A joint project between Terry Knight and John Plunkett. All characters © their respective owners.

[New!] Super Collie Adventures: On Her Majesty's Shepherd Service When mysterious monsters menace the city of Wellington, who will answer the call to save the citizens of New Zealand's capital city? 

Please be aware that "OHMSS", while written afterwards, is set prior to "Dark Designs".

[New!] Super Collie Adventures: Song of the Shepherd The origins of Super Collie!

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