[ANZ Furs]

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Featuring Anthropomorphic Cartoon Artwork

[Fox head]


Learn more about my art style, driving motivation, and other commentary as to why I draw this stuff :) Also, if you would like me to draw a particular picture for you, or want to publish things I've drawn, check out my Commissions, copyright and stuff page.

Rating and Classification

Unless otherwise stated, all artwork is rated G-PG. (by New Zealand standards, anyway... your mileage may vary elsewhere.)

New G-PG artwork!

[Fox head]

Fox anthropomorphs

[ANZ Furs]

Australasia / Asia Pacific Furry characters

[Husky Head]

Husky anthropomorphs

[Yiff Girl]

"YiffClass" Gallery (PG-R)


Adults-Only pictures (R-X)

[New!] Guest Artists
Pictures of my characters by other artists
Image © Clark Corwin


Miscellaneous pictures

The Plunkett Collaborations

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