Other Patches

Here you can find my patches that aren't associated with PAS. They're an odd lot, with no common thread. Most were made as presents for friends of mine.

Double Bed Micropatch

A little something I made for Lumi. The bed is fully functional and comes as four shapes; positions are such as to allow for some very snuggleable combinations. Based on the original Furcadia bed textures.

Download the Double Bed Patch

Lava Lamp Micropatch

A variety of lava lamps similar to the Mathmos Astro on my computer desk. Sehr nifty!

Download the Lava Lamp Patch

Log Cabin Patch

First made for the Reverie snow resort; now the play-thing of my favourite insane leopard. Comes with texture sets and a demo map.

Download the Log Cabin Patch

Reptile Patch

A big modification just for Sphelx. It's about time the reptiles had an avatar of their own. Comes in two versions: clothed and nude. Yes, it's the only G rated nude patch in all of Furcadia.

Download the Reptile Patch

Film Noir Patch

Furcadia meets a Humphery Bogart Film. Dark alley ways, foggy warfs, monochrome bistros - the perfect setting for loaded dames and prohibition gangsters. What else can I say?

Download the Film Noir patch