About the logo

(I find it somewhat tiresome when logo designers feel the need to explain their work; a good logo should be able to stand in its own right. So this description is part parody and part serious.)

The simple lines are intended to capture the essence of what I find most appealing in the kangaroo form. The powerful tail. The smooth, elegant curves. It started off as a pencil drawing that I modified using Photoshop.

The graduated colour from black to red to yellow is borrowed from the Aboriginal flag and serves as an acknowledgement of the original human custodians of the land that cradled these marsupials, and who may have even influenced the evolution of the kangaroo into its modern form.

The green grass of course is their principal food source, but it also represents a hope for growth and renewal in the future.

That's about it, really...

You should be see this logo on the bottom right hand corner of all my photos. It will serve as a visual reminder that all the photos here belong to me. If you see my photos somewhere else without an acknowledgement and a link back to my site, then you should know that the owner of that site has pirated my work.

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