I don't expect there to be a lot on this page. Just the occasional text article, story or poem about kangaroos by myself and various writers that I would like to see reprinted here. (Only when I have permission, of course.)

The Kangaroo, by Barron Field. Taken from The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse. My favourite poetry celebrating the kangaroo however is by D. H. Lawrence.

Kangaroos. Taken from The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse, under the heading "Central Australian Aboriginal Songs (Aranda and Loritja languages). I love the music inherent in the words, even when translated into English, with the constant repetition of lines with small changes along the way.

My own brief congratulation for Lulu, the kangaroo being hailed as a hero.

An essay, based on my experiences at Lone Pine. It is named, for want of a better title, "Territorial Behaviour in the Male Wallaroo in Captivity".

To celebrate Australian National Poetry Day (7th September 1999), I am printing my poem about kangaroos, entitled Adoration. It has been printed in both South Fur Lands #17 and Kangaroo Tracks #4 (both of which are now sadly defunct).

A set of Frequently Asked Questions about kangaroos.

Learn about the magic that I was touched by in "The Dolphin's Dreaming".

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