This section covers all sorts of aspects of kangaroo behaviour; basically anything interesting I get a snap of.

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Female rejecting a joey

A female rejecting a joey that was looking for his mum. I was chuffed to get this photo of course, but it was also very sad to see. Although I was trying to keep an eye on him, I lost track of him later. I expect he did find his mother in the end. In an enclosed area, there aren't that many places she could go.


This kangaroo is half burying herself in sand, presumably in an attempt to stay cool.

Kangaroos scratching

Kangaroos scratching themselves.


Different species of macropods suckling.

Male grooming

A male kangaroo grooming himself by cleaning his scrotum.

Arm licking

A kangaroo licking her arms, commonly done to keep cool.

Male cud chewing

This kangaroo is chewing the cud, an activity common among grass-eaters. Watch him stick his tongue out!

Whiptail wallaby licking her pouch

Some charming footage of a whiptail wallaby and an eastern grey licking her pouch.

Aggressive male Eastern Greys

Aggressive male Eastern Greys.

A kangaroo gnawing at a stick

This kangaroo is gnawing at a stick. I included this photo because it's not something I see them do very often. Maybe she was trying to keep her teeth down (like rodents, kangaroos' teeth grow continuously).

Bark-eating kangaroo

As another example of unusual eating habits, see this kangaroo eating bark. He was quite determined about it.

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