Short Stories Stories
Frith One of my favourite short stories...quite nasty actually
I hate/I love A weird one revolving around a character with a split-personality disorder, only two personalities showing themselves. One has an intense phobia of other people, the other an intense phobia of himself.
Eth's Story An oddly complex love story...obviously revolving around Eth. This will be updated with a new chapter everytime I have one done.

Anton M Miller

Anton is sort of a pen name for me. He's the more live-it side of my psyche...He's a hedonist and will probably die an early death, but hell, he's enjoying his lot while he has it! Most of the stuff I write through Anton is a sort of relaxed social commentary. It should be noted that some of what Anton does is completely illegal, and I wouldn't recommend for anyone to imitate him to closely. Drugs are bad, and that includes alcohol and tobacco.

One night...

Homeboy Horror!

Complexity-theory influenced quantum holistic shopping

Parties alive!

Cocktails of Fame and Legend.

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