Ticker and Miles 'Mileage' Jak, a pair of iguana twins. Both are extensively tattooed, but my favourite idea with these two is their sunglasses, which are held on by a piercing on the bridge of their snouts. This time, I've got the idea around so if someone else uses it, I can say I thought of it first (I'm still sore about the sunglasses held by a wire that ran over the scalp. I thought it up for earless furries, someone else also did and marketed it, making a tidy fortune)
AJ Mullins, also from Ginger and Alicia's story.
Alicia Cat, from the same story as Ginger below. This is my first nude pic and I'm pretty happy. I was going to submit this to a local Sex and Violence furry anothology, but got confused and missed out...next time.
Ginger Redmond, from yet another story I may not write. For some reason, I link her to my ex-girlfriend Kelly (we parted only cos I had to move and she couldn't).
Carta Preton, a character who will feature in a story I'm writing.
Rachael, a friend of mine, asked me to draw her as a character. This is the first time I've done a 'realistic' picure from life and had it actually work. This doesn't look as good as the real picture unfortunately. I'll do one of my girlfriend, Kelly, soon as well.
A char pic I did for Despair, someone I met on FurryMUCK the way I usually do (ie - "Hey, anyone want a char pic done? I got way too much free time...")
Sentan Meth Lam... a snake 'princess' in one of my stories (a humans vs snakes futuristic war story) This isn't a very regal pic.
Some tattoo designs I came up with when I had a lot of spare time and tattoo mags
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