This was just an angel until I tried to write a poem to go with it, then it was Lucifer. This is the (not very good) poem:
No good shall they speak of thou,
a soul lost to temptation.
Never will thy words be sung,
a bane on Lord's creation.
Always pained thou will live on,
a soul lost to temptation.
My latest style of drawing. I go through different styles every now and then, mostly biomechanical, with an over ruling theme, this style is sort of mechanical wasps.
I got bored and sketched a strange, angular body. Then I added some stuff behind that turned into webs when I tried cross hatching.
A character of my sister's, Tauhr. Tauhr is a nymph who is owned by the tree of life.
Three of my characters, in a sub group of weapons testers. Inc, on the left, is in cos he's stupid enough to do it, CA-03, in the middle, is basically an experimental weapon and Elca, on the left, is a weapons designer.
Qozard, brother of Iter. A pair of demi or semi gods. Iter is a shapeshifter, I don't know about Qozard, but it has a cool transparent sword.
I wanted to draw a big angel...I like the idea that the robe just continues forever (something I got from a Sandman comic, although I don't know if the robes were endless in that or just long)
One of my original characters, Elca Witz. This pic is full o' dodginess, but I still like it a lot.
Eth Ess in the rain (not the shower...)I was going to put a poem written by a friend of mine next to it, but decided it could wait.
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