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HiHo's Sketchy Art
(All the leftover stuff...)


Here's all the HiHo pics that are, if not complete, are at least static enough that they won't change any time soon. They're the pictures that I have no desire whatsoever to complete in any great hurry. They're here to stop them cluttering up the completed area... There's about one page per pic, Newest at the top. (HTML here's a bit of an abomination but worth the wait, there's lots of pictures on this page - if any are missing try right clicking on them and choosing "Show Picture" from the little menu that appears, or just reload the page, or take pot luck and click on them anyway!) 

Baptists suck.  How dare those bastards picket a funeral? Turns out the paper bleed looked better than the picture. Open up your wrists and let the blood run free... Just mucking around with blur & layers  
It's a quickie of the tricky DocTiki! Pathetic little guy Kanga/Zebra/Darth Maul Shower Portfolio Sketch No. 1 Shower Portfolio Sketch No. 2
My old dog Noz as a dog/roo hybrid thing. HiHo at the cinema (eating jaffa's) This guy just can't Poor, Deformed Wlko (ask Badger) Still trying to draw a decent badger head
Reclining Roo. - I should give this the works! Reclining Roo. - I should give this the works! Playing with watercolour pencils, apologies to Krusty. Love that Aboriginal look! - Snake and Roo Dance A tone-deaf old person of Tring,  When somebody asked him to sing,  Replied 'It is odd,  But I cannot tell 'God,  Save the Weasel' fron 'Pop oes the King'.'
Righteous Regret - He's in trouble & aggressively hating every minute Playing with cross hatching - took all of twenty minutes! I might have a go at fixing all the blunders in this. Just saw Eraserhead. - Enjoyed it. Some kanga guy. Early sketch & shade test for hiho_comfort.
Even Demons get christmas presents Quick sketch of HiHo with Noz (his dog!) - I'll have to finish this one day. HiHo's found a nice pillow Curlies! Some army roo about to leap into action with a couple of bowie knives
Taste the blade Who knows? Looks like a roo about to hurt someone. Intense looking roo chucking a boomerang. More Misc Stuff. - Roo emerging from clouds, tied roo. Half a bottle of Bundaberg rum, A digitizing tablet & me.
Hate roo & Officer roo. Playing with red fur colouring - I like it! Also here is a blue ghost image made using just the darken/dodge channels. Misc Stuff. Weird Jester Thing and Stylized Lion. You will Laugh, YOU WILL LAUGH OR ELSE.
Got my tablet today! (5th June) - My first fully digital pic! Various views of HiHo's Head - (Ugly!  You can just make out some pencil lines though). After a hard day in the salt mines HiHo seriously condsiders a rampage. Drew this after a particularly tough day in tech support - Another PC self destructs rather than face another day with its user. Attempt at a homepage entrance splash screen.  Failed due to lack of other easily understood icons... Maybe one day... I originally intended to make this look like it was carved into weathered yellow sandstone, then painted with something. First of many sketchbook doodles

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