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HiHo's Inked Art
(All the black & white stuff...)


Ok. Here's all the stuff that's either waiting to be coloured, or never intended to be. There's no large comments like on the colour art page - they're all pretty much just lumped in here. Well, that's not entirely true - I've stuck little comments on the pictures themselves - just hold your mouse still over them for a while and they'll appear. As per usual the most recent stuff is on the top.

Roo inna shower Small dancing 'roo      
The mental image that inspired yinyang (& the site revamp) I just HATE spiders! (shadows show a more truthful  version of events). Anticipation of things to come See Badgers website for the full story Oooooh - Red!  a 7 segment display roo - another of those stick figure efforts.
A roo in a tree The other side of the roo in the tree (to the left) Two 'roos in the yin/yang position Logo for this site under Construction pic for this site
Fairly close but not quite what I was aiming for. Tiffany soto's Rebound! Just some grumpy little 'roo (I really have a het like that!) I caught someone standing in this pose changing the channels on a TV once. Dedicated to Matthew Sheppard (posthumously)
Wyte defeats his mortal enemy Lotham  It's those two roos again - this time it's the morning after, HiHo's checking to see if someone's ready to play.  Tarq - a friendly raccoon who likes us 'roos Some 'roo plays pocket billiards Daydreaming about my coming holidays
A pic made entirely of V shaped lines UPDF 'roo in a bar. My first heavy black shaded pic A jackal guy - the heiroglyphs are on shaved patches 'Roo in Powered armour. HiHo's caught a friend


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