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HiHo's Family Album

I've been fortunate enough to have been drawn by several furry artists. This is a small attempt to catalogue some of the marvels they've achieved. All the images here are copyright their respective (respected!) owners and are displayed with their permission (and my gratitude). Clicking any picture get you the full size image. As per usual the newest pics are at the top.

Indiana HiHo
  Indiana HiHo - again by TheWolf. Oh to have that wardrobe! (I'm a bit of a fan of well worn kahki)...
HiHo Waving
  Waven HiHo - TheWolf's the culprit, He's paying me soo much attention!
HiHo Running
  Karabiner (DEN)'s HiHo - Love it! He's so fast & happy!
HiHo just kinda standing there
  HiHo as seen by TheWolf. Apparently this pic's based on a boxing kangaroo toy TheWolf picked up at a local market.
Wyte & HiHo at the waterfall
  Drawn by WyteLyon - The first ever non-HiHo pic of HiHo. Here he is relaxing in a pool on what looks like a marvellous sunny day.


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