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I've got quite a simple stance on copyright. To be perfectly honest I don't care too much what you do with this art - post it, print it, whatever. Purely personal use is fine! The only proviso I apply is that if you desire to use any of this art commercially you must do two things. Firstly, seek and obtain my permission; Secondly, provide me with a copy of whatever it is you've produced (You put it in a magazine - send me a copy!, etc.).

Here's the copyright notices for this site and all it's content:

HiHo (the character and likeness) is copyright 1998, 1999 by ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

ALL the artwork (including logo's), photographs, HTML & webdesign that make up this site (currently residing at (including it's subdirectories!)) is copyright 1998, 1999 by ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

These copyright notices also apply to any of my art signed with either of the following signatures:

The original Barcode style sig The All New for 1999 Kangaroo style sig Adopted 2nd half 1999 - more kangalike sig

If you'd like to negotiate something I can be reached via email at Other contact details can be found on the contact page.

There's a great FAQ covering copyright issues - If you're an artist read this!


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